The Mexican Media Industry is made up of Influential Individuals, Such As Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero

     About 20 years ago, the Mexican media sector involved of a single state- owned media outlet. This outlet was the only source of political and other news. The sector has, however, revolutionized in the recent past. Other media companies are coming up in a bid to change the political interpretation in the country. They also endeavor to incorporate entertainment into their content. Below are some of the big players in the industry.


Going by market capitalization, Televisa is the largest media company in Hispanic America. It was the pioneer in the Spanish-speaking world, having been established in 1955. Televisa has its focus on television production and broadcasting, pay-television networks, television programs, distribution, cable television radio production, and telecommunications. Televisa is also a major player in the magazine publishing and distribution sector. Televisa is the leading distributor of international entertainment around the world.

TV Azteca

TV Azteca is a big player in the Mexican media industry owned by Grupo Salinas. The company also has a big share in the market. TV Azteca operates two television networks namely Azteca Trece and Azteca 7. The company also operates Azteca Trece International that broadcasts in over 13 countries in South and Central America. The presence of TV Azteca is felt in the United States through Azteca America. It also has interests in pay-television that it distributes in and out of the country. These services are a+ and adn40. The company owns Monarcas Morelia and Atlas soccer clubs.

About Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero

Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero has made major contributions to the Mexican media industry working for Televisa. He is currently the head of financial matters of the firm. Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero also sits on the board of directors of the company.

Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero previously worked as the M.D. of Commercio Mas de CV. He was also the Vice Chairman of Banking at the Comision Bancaria de Valores. He is a Director at Innova s. de RL de CV.