The Intriguing Career of Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is a man of many ventures. As of today, he is working with a company known as Madison Partners. Through this venture, Arthur Becker offers services related to biotechnology and real estate. Prior to founding Madison Partners, Arthur Becker used to work with a venture called Zinio LLC where he served as the chief executive officer and chairman. He worked for this company between the year 2012 and 2015. Between 2002 and 2010, Arthur Becker worked with another company called NaviSite. Like the previous company, Becker served as the chief executive officer. This business specialized with internet services between two nations, United Kingdom and India. At the same time, he was involved with a fashion venture that used to be owned by his wife. The venture was referred to as Vera Wang Fashion and he served with this company for seven years. Titles that can be used to describe Arthur Becker include philanthropist, entrepreneur and investor.

According to Huffingtonpost, at the moment, Arthur Becker says that he can focus on his projects now that he is not in charge of any company. This is the reason why he is building town houses in New York. These town houses are located on the Sullivan St. He also has other projects at Tribeca. To ensure that he remains productive, Arthur Becker notes that he has to work with people who challenge him as well as people that he can respect. He notes that real estate is an intriguing filed where one is in charge of several processes such as financing, entitlement as well as design. Other processes involved include marketing and the actual construction. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

Critical thinking and passion are two things that challenge Arthur Becker. The most intriguing bits of these two issues are the ability to balance them. Arthur notes that he has tried many businesses during the course of his life. While some may have succeeded, some failed. However, this didn’t bring him down, but he had the audacity to try out other business. Arthur Becker is 66 years now and believes that talent is a crucial aspect for a business to grow. He is also a man who believes in critical thinking.

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