Securus Technologies, Leading the Pack Via Technological Advancements

Securus Technologies is a company based in Dallas, Texas started in 1986. Since its humble beginnings, it’s managed to be a leader in inmate communications and financial services. The company provides calling, video calling, prepaid accounts and other ways for friends and family of the incarcerated to stay in touch. Through their technology, many have given Securus great praise not only for the services they provide but also for the monitoring they provide. This service assists both internally and externally for all those involved in the process. The company has also received accolades by being recognized for helping to resolve internal and external criminal matters, enabling crimes to be prosecuted that were once deemed as almost impossible.


The benefits that family members (of the incarcerated) receive from the services are great as well. Families are able to avoid costly and even wasted trips should an inmate have to reschedule a visit. The family also no longer has to pay for lodging, transportation, meals and other services while away from home. All factors taken into consideration families can cut their costs significantly. The monitoring services are also beneficial to internal investigations of employees and the inmates. Disputes can be reviewed by audio, video or both and provide a birds-eye view of any incidents that had occurred.


Having a strong customer service and satisfaction record is also enjoyed by Securus Technologies. They are typically able to resolve any inquiries over the telephone with only one call. They also receive high customer satisfaction ratings when measured. This is a notoriously difficult area, as there are emotions attached to the concerns. Being a leader in the inmate services field, Securus is always investing in new technology and setting themselves well ahead of the pack in this critically important industry.