Securus Technologies Helping Catch Violent Criminals

This month my team of fugitive hunters were notified that we had to bring a very dangerous suspect into custody as quickly as possible. This suspect was going from bank to bank without any type of disguise, and telling the bank tellers he was armed and would shoot if they did not fill his bag with all the money in their drawer. The reason my team was called in was this suspect went from robbing one teller to taking the entire bank staff hostage inside the vault.


If thing were allowed to progress at this rate, we may be dealing with several dead people the next bank that he decided to visit. The pattern in which he chose his targets was very sporadic, so we had nothing to go by to help us to anticipate his next move. Friends and family were no help because the suspect cut all ties, and he was basically able to stay under the radar by blending in with his surroundings.


With nowhere else to turn, we decided to go to the local prison to see if our suspect had any associates who may be able to point us in a direction before it was too late. Inmates are not too cooperative, but thanks to Securus Technologies, we got their help without them even realizing. Securus Technologies was responsible for the installation of the call monitoring system the officers use in that jail to listen to inmates on the phones.


Right after our visit, one inmate was on the phone talking to his sister and warning her to get the word to the suspect we were on the him. We could not make the connection, until the inmate mentioned they shared a baby and should all hit the road. Before the group had that chance, we found our suspect and took him down quickly.