Securus Technologies Defends Against Global Tele Link Press Release

A few months ago Global Tele Link (GTL) published a press release regarding patents being disputed by GTL with the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB). In a series of allegations, GTL accused Securus Technology of patent infringement. In the GTL claims, patent “816”, a patent that protects certain aspects of video visitation software from infringement has been apparently violated by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies countered this accusatory press release by going point by point through the original GTL accusations and answering with clear, concise points. For example, GTL stated that patent 816 had been validated by the PTAB. Securus stated that they went through the patent record and found no evidence of patent 816 ever been validated by GTL. Furthermore, any legal action initiated by GTL has been stayed by the Texas federal courts for now. Securus is confident that if a legal dispute does go to court, Securus has never used that aspect of GTL technology.


To read all points listed and disputed in the GTL claim, please click here. Both parties have claims in for video technology, but Securus has almost three times the amount of total patents or pending patents than GTL has currently. It will be interesting to see if this GTL dispute actually has any legal grounding. One thing that GTL could do that Securus currently does is essentially “lease out” their technology to another inmate communication company. GTL would still own the rights, but make more money than they would by just using the technology in-house.