FreedomPop’s Platform Extends To Global Wifi

There’s a new way to travel the world. You don’t have to feel stranded any longer when you travel around without a cell phone. You can take your cell phone into 25 countries with uninterrupted service thanks to FreedomPop. According to FreedomPop and an article from PC Mag, their service seamlessly connects when you go to any one of the 25 countries that are available on their global wifi network. The program is expected to grow by the end of the year to encompass 40 different countries, so get your passport ready because you will have an easier time moving around the globe.

Rounds Of Fundraising Allow For Global Wifi

FreedomPop has had some incredibly high rounds of fundraising in the past few quarters. They have raised a total of 109 million dollars for their development efforts, and just recently they raised 50 million dollars. These funds allow the developers at FreedomPop to extend their network and create incredible new platforms for folks to conveniently travel with wifi capabilities intact.

If you are new to FreedomPop’s platform, then you should know that they offer a free phone service to their customers.  You can stop complaining about your phone bills now that FreedomPop is available. The company started in Los Angeles, California, but they have recently extended their service capabilities to folks overseas in the United Kingdom areas. U.K. residents and U.S. residents will have the option to join in on FreedomPop’s global wifi program. The company plans to offer their programs to other countries soon. To read the PC Mag article on FreedomPop’s fundraising for global wifi capabilities, follow this link.

Kyle Bass Keeps Bad Company

Kyle Bass, the man known around the world for predicting the 2008 crisis, keeps some pretty bad company. His relationship with Argentinian despot Cristina Fernández de Kirchner makes people question his moral compass and his character.

For those of you who don’t know, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is bad news. Since she has held the position of Argentinian despot, her country has defaulted on their debt two times. To most, this is an indefensible action. But not to Bass. Not only did he defend the Argentinian despot, he also went a step further and sang her praises.

The New York Post said he was so out of touch, he sounded like Argentina’s leftist economy minister Axel Kicillof. To say they have a good relationship is an understatement. He is basically a lackey who will do or say anything she wants him to.

But that’s not the only questionable relationship Bass has been known to have. A few years ago he started doing business with Erich Spangenberg. If the name sounds familiar its because Spangenberg is often referred to as the most notorious patent troll in the world.

And as you can imagine, Bass and Spangenberg together equals double trouble. The duo came up with one of the most vile scams in recent history. The sad part is the scam was actually legal due to a loophole in the law.

Once the government found out what was going on, both sides quickly banned together to come up with a way to stop the scam from affected millions of lives.

While what Kyle Bass and Spangenberg were doing is without a doubt immoral, the question is why was it legal in the first place?  Wikipedia has further information about him.

James Dondero: Changing How Investments Are Made

James Dondero is the proud leader of Highland Capital Management. He founded the company in 1993 because he wanted to make a different type of investment firm, one that would better serve its investors. One of the main principles of the fund is to be bold. One of the ways that they fund stays bold is by staying independent. The firm is employee owned and is operated under that mindset. Another aspect of that principle that Jim Dondero wanted to ensure was part of his firm is that they create solutions for investors and not for the products that they offer. A final aspect that embodies that principle is that the firm always advocates for its investors. The first goal is to help the investor make money and not for them to make money from the investor.

James Dondero has been leading Highland Capital Management for over 20 years and has managed to help it successfully grow year after year. Jim started out as a student studying accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. Since his graduation, Jim Dondero has gotten certification as a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst. Jim has also gone on to serve in his community. He sits on the board of organizations such as NexBank, CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, MGM Studios and American Banknote.

In a recent article by Octa Finance, the 13F of Highland Capital Management was analyzed and reported on. The 13F was for the firm’s third quarter of 2015. Among 69 new stocks, the five biggest purchases were 67 million dollars in Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr, 23 million dollars in Amazon Com Inc, 17 million dollars in Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc, 17 million dollars in Danaher Corp Del and 15 million dollars in Intra Cellular Therapies Inc.

While the article reported that 69 new stocks were bought, there were also additional purchases in 62 stocks and the fund sold out of 119 stocks total. They only reduced their position in 80 stocks. The top 10 holdings that the fund currently has now makes up nearly 30 percent of their entire portfolio. The fund’s portfolio is valued at 3.42 billion dollars.

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Crystal Hunt’s Impact on Reality Television and The World

If you are a fan of soap operas especially to the extent that you remember some of the soap opera greats from the 90s such as Erica Kane then you will not be surprised that television has taken a shot at increasing the popularity of soap operas again. How exactly is television trying to reintroduce soap operas? Easy. Through reality television.

The Queens of Drama is a reality television show follows a group of actresses who have decided to produce their own show. The basis of the reality show is actually quite genius if you really think about it. A reality show that features a cast full of women who all have earned Daytime Emmy Awards.

So who exactly is Crystal Hunt? Crystal Hunt first began her career at the mere age of 2 years old. The one talent she was able to focus on was acting. She has starred in several commercials including commercials for Walt Disney.  Some of them feature in Ms Hunt’s YouTube acting reel.

Her most famous claim to fame was her role as Lizzie Spaulding on the hit television show on CBS soap opera Guiding Light in which she portrayed a troubled young girl who’s parents happened to be Phillip and Beth Raines. She starred in this role from 2003 to 2006. In 2005 she nominated for Outstanding Younger Actress in Drama Series for the role.

Hunt has also appeared in the 2005 film The Derby Stallion, One Life to Live and Vision of Hell. Hunt is by no means a stranger to the entertainment industry. She is an outstanding actress who continues to work hard to make sure her impact is being felt not only across the United States but across the world.

In 2013, Hunt costarred alongside Dania Ramirez, Arielle Kebbel and Evan Ross in the the gut wrenching thriller NYC Underground,an in dept look at four teenagers who’s lives were turned upside down after a drug deal gone wrong.

To add to her ever growing resume, popular Facebook celeb Hunt recently joined her friend and actor Dylan Baker to produce their first film entitled 23 blast. The film starred Stephen Lang, Timoty Busfield and Dylan Baker to name a few. It tells the story of a high school football star who’s life is suddenly placed at a standstill when he is diagnosed with total blindness.

Ricardo Guimarães Uses LinkedIn To Research Business In Brazil


Ricardo Guimarães is a scion of business in Brazil. He is well known for his time at BMG Bank, and he is using his time today to work with his favorite football club, to observe the Brazilian business sector and to consult companies who need his help. This article explains how Ricardo has used LinkedIn to research business in Brazil, and the article covers 25 simple skills that he believes will be useful for workers in South America.

#1: LinkedIn Is Growing In Popularity

LinkedIn has become immensely popular around the world for making connections. Ricardo sees his colleagues making connections every day on LinkedIn, and he sees the potential for new candidates to find jobs. There are many people on LinkedIn who are hoping to meet someone who might give them a job, and Ricardo believes that networking online is often simpler than going out to meet people. The exclusivity of many parts of the business sector is now gone because of LinkedIn.

#2: Ricardo Considers Skills Required To Succeed In The Brazilian Economy

Ricardo participated in a study with Exame magazine that highlights the 25 skills he believes are most important for works in Brazil. Each of these 25 skills has been found on LinkedIn, and Ricardo knows that these 25 skills will help people working in the business world find new jobs. He is familiar with the attributes he looked for in employees, and he wants new graduates to know what they must learn to succeed.

  • Statistics and mining for data
  • Mobile developmeny
  • Quality control
  • Logistics
  • Web framework
  • Software integration
  • Software engineering
  • Security
  • Human resources
  • Corporate law
  • Work safety
  • Interface design
  • Microsoft technical work
  • Business intelligence
  • SCR
  • Recruiting
  • Policy
  • Material engineering
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Business development
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Software modeling
  • Shell scripting

#3: Ricardo Calls For Better Training

Ricardo wants his colleagues to offer better training for employees, and he prefers to give people a chance to learn all that they can. No one person could learn everything on the list above, but Ricardo knows that a committed employee could learn quite a lot with some help.

Ricardo Guimarães is a brilliant businessman who sees the potential of social media in the business world. His look at LinkedIn with Exame helps shed light on what employees must know in the 21st Century.