Kyle Bass Keeps Bad Company

Kyle Bass, the man known around the world for predicting the 2008 crisis, keeps some pretty bad company. His relationship with Argentinian despot Cristina Fernández de Kirchner makes people question his moral compass and his character.

For those of you who don’t know, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is bad news. Since she has held the position of Argentinian despot, her country has defaulted on their debt two times. To most, this is an indefensible action. But not to Bass. Not only did he defend the Argentinian despot, he also went a step further and sang her praises.

The New York Post said he was so out of touch, he sounded like Argentina’s leftist economy minister Axel Kicillof. To say they have a good relationship is an understatement. He is basically a lackey who will do or say anything she wants him to.

But that’s not the only questionable relationship Bass has been known to have. A few years ago he started doing business with Erich Spangenberg. If the name sounds familiar its because Spangenberg is often referred to as the most notorious patent troll in the world.

And as you can imagine, Bass and Spangenberg together equals double trouble. The duo came up with one of the most vile scams in recent history. The sad part is the scam was actually legal due to a loophole in the law.

Once the government found out what was going on, both sides quickly banned together to come up with a way to stop the scam from affected millions of lives.

While what Kyle Bass and Spangenberg were doing is without a doubt immoral, the question is why was it legal in the first place?  Wikipedia has further information about him.

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