Is It Dinner Or Dog Food? The Blurred Line Between K-9 And Human Cuisine

Health food has literally gone to the dogs lately in the dog food industry. As the steam and smoke roll from the chimney of the Freshpet factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, gourmet K-9 food is rolling off of the line and being prepared for distribution. The intimate level of dedication here is compelling. So much so, that the testers will literally eat their work to test it’s consistency. Richard Thompson, CEO of Freshpet, does this on a regular basis to assure quality standards. Talk about being dedicated. This type of trend is catching on so fast in the pet food industry that it’s difficult to call it a ‘trend’ at this point.

Less and less do you see preservatives being used which means the sales need to stay steady and flowing or food goes, well… to the dogs. This is good for pets and keeps owners like Thompson on their toes as well. For more on Freshpet from The Daily Herald, click the link here.

Another company arrow focused on quality and fresh flavor is Beneful. Purinastore Beneful brand’s new prepared meals for dogs are every bit as meaty and delicious as the real thing in most cases. With the cuts of beef, chicken, pork and lamb that add the taste and proteins that your furry companion craves. Beneful meals have the right balance of carbs, minerals, vitamins and nutrition that will keep you best pal running and playing strong for years to come. The Beneful company has come a very long way since it’s inception and is constantly focused on the best nutrition for the fairest prices.

Now it’s easier than ever to find the very best for your pooch on their website. Folks don’t even have to leave the house anymore to make sure their dogs are eating well. This is a trend on facebook that is sure to end up being much more than that. After all, people care deeply for their pets. To say they are family sounds cliche` at this point in time, but it’s no less true. We love our pets like family. Period. Beneful is a company that knows this and it shows in what they deliver.