George Soros is a man well known in political and social circles on as a person of deep philosophical ideals which are always of the progressive and liberal inclination and he is also one of the wealthiest people on the planet. He earned his fortune with a particular brilliance that comprehends market trends and understands how to invest with shrewdness and knowledge. George Soros uses his fortune in an attempt to make the world a better, saner, more compassionate place for the human species to thrive.

George Soros was no doubt influenced by his early experiences as a Hungarian Jew who survived Nazi occupation in Hungary by great luck and help from non Jewish adults who sheltered him at their own risk. Nonetheless he witnessed the inhumanity to others including his own family. George Soros was an intelligent and ambitious child and by sheer good fortune was able to immigrate to England and begin his study of both economics and philosophy, which is still the foundation for his life’s work today. His devotion to assisting and creating programs on to aid the most vulnerable people in the world is evident in how his work and philosophy has shaped his own children, who carry on his work in foundations that are designed to protect and enrich the lives of many people and cultures.

George Soros has also been an insightful voice regarding financial and social choices made by countries to their own detriment. In an article in the New York Review of Books, he states that unless large amounts of capital is devoted to the current emigration crisis in Europe is provided now, the result will be catastrophic to Europe in the future. He advises an immediate plan to create a European Union asylum agency and security force to deal with the current emergency situation will ultimately collapse EuropeÕs Schengen system of open borders which will in turn create a dangerous xenophobia throughout Europe. He postulates that if a practical solution, funded by taxes and debt issuance implemented now, it will avert the worst outcome for the future.

George Soros is person with a great heart and mind who has never been afraid to identify himself with progressive values, and who could well be described as a visionary, a promoter of peace and equanimity, and someone who exemplifies the concept of the better angels of our human nature.