George Soros Sees Hard Times Ahead

The Winds Of Politics Switch Direction
2016 was a shocking year many people. Most expected conservative figures like Donald Trump and movements like Brexit to lose, but in the end these movements proved successful and won out in the end. The success of these movements has angered many on the Left but George Soros in particular is extremely disturbed by these movements. He sees this as a potential slide away from progress and towards darker times.

The Consequences Of This
The consequences of these wins could prove dire for many important causes. As far as George Soros sees it this marks a move towards a less global world and more authoritarian politics in the West. Under these conditions minority rights are under threat and democracy as we know it is under threat. In the long term this may very well hurt economies and lead to severe consequences such as another recession. In order to prevent this liberals need to rethink their strategy going into elections and find a way to regain the power they lost last year.

What The Left Needs To Do
George Soros understands why conservatives pulled off the surprise victories on they had last year. So far the benefits of globalization have largely ignored the majority of westerners. Developing nations have benefited and the wealthy elites of the West have seen gains, but very little has improved for the average middle class or working class citizen of developed countries. Naturally, these people are angry and decided to vote for candidates who promised to destroy the current globalization infrastructure on Forbes. If liberals can understand these middle class voters they have the potential to regain power and reverse the course of events we are seeing.

George Soros Today
The longtime contributor to liberal politics isn’t going anywhere. In past times George Soros allowed political disappointments to discourage him from participating in politics, but now he wants to play a role in helping the Left recover after these losses. Throughout the election Soros made his criticisms of Donald Trump clear and the feeling was often mutual. On a personal level these elections hit George Soros hard and actually cost him considerable amounts of money. The wise investor has decided he doesn’t want to pull out of politics on He is set on defending democracy and leading us towards a more open world.

About George Soros
George Soros is a hedge fund manager and philanthropist based in the United States. With a net worth exceeding 425 billion Soros has made himself the most successful hedge fund manager in the world and his private hedge fund, the Soros Fund, is the most successful of any. He uses the wealth he has accumulated to advance the political causes he believes in and to enable a world where more people can aspire to his success. Beyond his personal politics he uses his fortune to contribute to political campaigns that will allow these ambitions to finally see the light of day.