Ending Big Money in Politics

With Citizens United having a huge foot hold in our electoral process today, it is no surprise that it can be considered a root cause to the degradation of our democracy. End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that seeks to end the influence that Big Money holds on the political System, in addition to raising awareness about it and the corruption that has spawned from it. The overall mission of this Particular committee involves implementing state ballot measures. Ending Citizens United will prevent the wealthier citizens from tipping the balance of electoral power in their favor. As long as Citizens United is still in place, it will also allow those very same people to profit from the sickness and death of citizens, due to their ownership of the health care system. Billionaire interference has done more harm than good, when it comes to the outcome of our elections. Since they are bought and paid for, you rob people of truly exercising their rights as American Citizens. When a minority group of people buy the electoral process, the government will only represent that particular minority. Citizens United has removed the democratic fundamentals of this once great Nation. This committee also wishes to see contribution limits reinstated, as a means to deter corporate influence and outside spending. The elimination of Citizens United will also hold Republicans accountable and they will no longer be able to avoid paying taxes. Committee reformers will also have to be elected, in order to straighten out the political process. Once Citizens United has been overturned, America can then focus on getting the political system back on track. End Citizens United has numerous amounts of dedicated patriots on board and they see to restoring the system of allowing American Citizens to freely elect who ever they would like to be in office. End Citizens United does except donations in order to fund their noble cause.In conclusion, End Citizens United believes that corporations should play very little to no part in our electoral process. When their mission is complete they will have the proper regulations on campaign spending.