Education For Life Improvement

The Kabbala Centre specializes in helping others improve their lives by incorporating knowledge that’s derived from Jewish texts. They have locations throughout the world and a free or low cost university.

This unique idea was originally conceived Philip and Karen Berg. Now it’s a nonprofit organization that’s on an international level. The Kabbalah Centre offers classes on the internet and in classrooms. The classes are to help improve the lives of the students rather than to prepare them for a particular occupation. However, some career fields can benefit from it’s graduates.

A Universal Perspective

The Kabbalah Centre considers the teachings of the Kabbalah as being a branch of the many other religious teachings that are known. Many of their students don’t come from a Jewish family, or are converts to the Jewish faith.

Special Interpretations

The special interpretations they give to scriptures play a role in their universal perspective. The two factors combined enable them to use the Kabbalah as a tool to help the lives of those who they can teach. Not every member of the Jewish community agrees with their perspective, but many do and their goal is to help as many as they can, regardless of their religious preferences.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches that people can only perceive one percent of reality by using their five senses. That leaves 99 percent of reality as unknown, or that it can only known in abstract ways.

They hold the belief that God is incomprehensible to us. They believe that it’s best that we try to gain an essence of God rather than trying to know Him in a more direct way. They refer to God’s essence as “the light”.

They believe that some passages in the Bible are historic fact , while other passages are a code for our lives and for the many things that we can’t see.

An Helpful Community

It’s easy to sign up for classes online for free. Only small fees are charged for other classes. Online and on location, their members are embraced by a community of teachers and students with a common interest. The Kabbalah Centre has been known to help others outside of their organization as well as those that are members of it. Visit the Kabbalah Centre’s website to learn more about their locations and events.