Dr. AKhil on Wines and Fashion


Dr. Akhil of MB2 Dental has a word of advice for people who purchase wines. When he is not in dentistry he is a wine connoisseur. He says that there are many good types of inexpensive wines but one must know where to find them. French wine has a rich scent and a rich taste; however, it is good to note that not all fine wines can fall under the price of 30. Good wine is dependent on the type of grape used to manufacture it. Nevertheless, there is a wide variety of French wine in the market.


Most people who work in hospitals and laboratories have to wear lab coats mandatorily. It sometimes becomes boring, especially to people who love being stylish and trendy. The people in the above category feel limited, suppressed and frustrated behind the lab coats. However, Dr. Akhil tells them that the measure is good because it protects their clothes from being stained or destroyed by the chemicals in the labs or hospitals. Dr. Akhil still tells doctors that can still maintain their style and fashion under the lab coat. Dr. Akhil advice doctors and hospital workers on what they can wear to remain trendy. These are discussed below:

  1. Short and Ties

One suggestion by Dr. Akhil is short and ties. He says that a coat and tie add a sense of professionalism to the workers. They assure the clients that the doctor is capable of performing as the style contributes to the notion. Moreover, the above wear helps one to easily transition from the workplace to business lunches and other functions. Dr. Akhil says that every man should have the above and should not have any problem using the style.

  1. Dress Shirt With No Tie

The second recommendation is the business casual where one wears a dress shirt with no tie. The wearer still looks professional like Dr. Akhil and serious without the tie. The style is versatile because the workers can choose to wear any blazer, sweater, or sports jacket with their shorts and trousers, especially on a cold day. One can also wear the shirt without jackets or blazers if they please. The style is both stylish and comfortable.

  1. Khakis and Dress Shirt

The third recommendation is the casual wear composed of khakis and dress shirt. The above items should also be in the wardrobe of every man and can be complemented by different types of shoes. The dress code is suitable for long shirts as it is easy and comfortable. Turtle necks and dark khakis should also be worn as they look stylish and professional under a lab coat.