Charles Koch and the Constitution

Charles Koch is one of the most influential individuals in the world as he is well known and well respected in both the business world as well as within politics. Mr. Koch and his brother David are owners of Koch Industries, a family owned business. Koch Industries has been expanded by the Koch brothers and is now a oil refining business that is responsible for making billions of consumable products all around the world. Charles Koch and David Koch have used their success of the business to their advantage by creating a network of politically motivated families all with a common interest of spreading more support and information of the free market and how beneficial it is to society.

Charles Koch, with the success of his privately owned company, has become involved in the United States politics. Mr. Koch is a strong advocate for the GOP which is most notable in the 2012 election when The Koch brothers network donated around $400 million to the campaign of Mitt Romney who like the Koch brothers, was an influential businessman. Though Mitt Romney was not elected to be president, the Koch brothers have since then been able to raise close to $1 billion in donations to be given to a new potential candidate of their choosing. Though there power within the GOP has been influential, the Koch brothers only have the goal for preventing government intervention within the economy through price controls and other forms of intervention.

In recent news, Charles and New York City Mayor have come together to fight for a new issue. This new issue is free speech which is often covered up or silenced by university members and officials. Charles Koch and Michael Bloomberg are in agreement that opinions must be allowed to be shared or it is unconstitutional. Mr. Koch and Mr. Bloomberg make a compelling argument during their speeches to college graduates that opinions will never be accepted by everyone, yet they are opinions none the less that must be stated. Mr. Koch and Mr. Bloomberg state that it is never the University’s job to cover opinions up.

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