Mike Heiligenstein’s Brilliancy in Solving Road Traffic

Mike Heiligenstein has been working at Central Texas Regional Authority as the executive director since 2003. He studied at the University of Texas and did his Master’s Degrees in Business Administration and Government. His career debuted at Round Rock City as a member, and there after, he served as county commissioner of Williamson. He has also served as the president of the International Bridge after being selected by national peers in 2014. Mike serves Texas A&M Transportation Institute as the member of the Advisory. He is currently the member of Texas Department Transportation. His focus areas have been on infrastructure projects such as the development of the Bushy Creek Regional Trail, transportation, and large parkland acquisition.


While being interviewed on transportation forum at Texas Department, Mr.Heiligenstein was told to comment on State Highway 130 which was being rated downwards because of lack of traffic. He said that SH 130 is meant to make drivers change travel behavior, add capacity, and also to make roads multi-modal. He also stated that poor financial performance and the poor economy wouldn’t affect toll roads since they are the only solution that has helped in reducing congestion. Mike also gave an example of how in Austin they have constructed a road that has cost over $1 billion and the money from user revenue and tax dollars was not used at all.


Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority works as an independent government agency which was formed in 2002 with a goal of improving Travis and Williamson counties transport system. Their mission is to come up with carefully planned projects that will ensure that the transport systems’ mobility is diverse and it is able to improve economy and quality of life. Mobility Authority is authorized under Texas Transportation Code Chapter 370 to develop services in transport system like in seaports, airports, roadways and transit. They are also authorized to give out revenue bond which helps in funding the projects.


Mike Heiligenstein leadership in the authority has helped the company to grow immensely. This is because he has seen that the agency’s first project which was 183A in Williamson County was started with a clear objective. He made sure that that project was the first one to transition to cashless toll collection system which was electronic. The company has also succeeded in opening the Manor Expressway project. Mike Heiligenstein has also ensured that Mobility Authority is partnering with other regional transportation entities to do research at Central Texas on planned expressways.