Ricardo Guimarães Uses LinkedIn To Research Business In Brazil


Ricardo Guimarães is a scion of business in Brazil. He is well known for his time at BMG Bank, and he is using his time today to work with his favorite football club, to observe the Brazilian business sector and to consult companies who need his help. This article explains how Ricardo has used LinkedIn to research business in Brazil, and the article covers 25 simple skills that he believes will be useful for workers in South America.

#1: LinkedIn Is Growing In Popularity

LinkedIn has become immensely popular around the world for making connections. Ricardo sees his colleagues making connections every day on LinkedIn, and he sees the potential for new candidates to find jobs. There are many people on LinkedIn who are hoping to meet someone who might give them a job, and Ricardo believes that networking online is often simpler than going out to meet people. The exclusivity of many parts of the business sector is now gone because of LinkedIn.

#2: Ricardo Considers Skills Required To Succeed In The Brazilian Economy

Ricardo participated in a study with Exame magazine that highlights the 25 skills he believes are most important for works in Brazil. Each of these 25 skills has been found on LinkedIn, and Ricardo knows that these 25 skills will help people working in the business world find new jobs. He is familiar with the attributes he looked for in employees, and he wants new graduates to know what they must learn to succeed.

  • Statistics and mining for data
  • Mobile developmeny
  • Quality control
  • Logistics
  • Web framework
  • Software integration
  • Software engineering
  • Security
  • Human resources
  • Corporate law
  • Work safety
  • Interface design
  • Microsoft technical work
  • Business intelligence
  • SCR
  • Recruiting
  • Policy
  • Material engineering
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Business development
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Software modeling
  • Shell scripting

#3: Ricardo Calls For Better Training

Ricardo wants his colleagues to offer better training for employees, and he prefers to give people a chance to learn all that they can. No one person could learn everything on the list above, but Ricardo knows that a committed employee could learn quite a lot with some help.

Ricardo Guimarães is a brilliant businessman who sees the potential of social media in the business world. His look at LinkedIn with Exame helps shed light on what employees must know in the 21st Century.