Arthur Becker Keeps Busy With High Tech Investments.

Arthur Becker is engaged by the highly respected Madison Partners, they are a speculative firm for investments with principal focus on real estate and preemptive stage Bio Technology research. Arthur Becker’s prior employer was Zinio, LLC as CEO, in addition to their Chairperson. Zinio produces extremely popular digital magazines.

Arthur is also the prior NaviSite CEO. According to the, they are well-known for delivering their I.T. services in addition to their hosting services for a variety of enterprises spanning the UK and also the USA. They have agencies that are positioned in India, and deliver extremely important cloud-based services to companies.

While at NaviSite, in addition to Zinio, Arthur experienced the excitement of what can happen from mixing technology with realty. After leaving Zinio back in 2011, Arthur shifted his realty obligation to investing in condominiums in both Miami and New York. This offers him opportunities to construct lavish residential developments for additional profit endeavors.

Mr. Arthur Becker sincerely enjoys working alongside people that he has respect for in the real estate and technology arenas. He finds appeal in the differences which are often involved with the different aspects of the labor, such as the funding, planning stages and production.

His interests broaden to the arena of Biotechnology, particularly the field of cancer research. Arthur’s lack of medical experience does not slow him down, as he has widespread exposure to a large assortment of medical concepts on the topic.

Mr. Becker ( has wide-ranging expertise to locate achievable opportunities for investments. Many people who know Arthur believe that anything he touches symbolically turns to gold. Arthur is mentioned as being one of the foremost financiers in New York. Mr. Arthur Becker is the managing executive at the distinguished enterprise Madison Technologies. Arthur Becker is also the current director of Atlantic Investors, a company that has launched Arthur’s projects that are connected to realty.

Mr. Arthur Becker graduated from the esteemed Bennington University where he earned a Bachelor’s in the field of Administration. Arthur has also attended several classes at the renowned Dartmouth Truck School.