The Positive Contributions of Betsy DeVos to Americans

Betsy DeVos is a highly acknowledged woman in the United States due to her success in politics, business, and philanthropy. She has made great contributions to the education industry in the past four decades. Her efforts have significantly facilitated the improvement of the U.S education system. In February 2017, she joined the cabinet of President Trump as the secretary of education. Betsy has been supporting the education of choice initiative to ensure that children can prepare themselves for their future careers. She once served on the management team of the American Federation for Children (AFC), which is an institution that provides a flexible system for students. Individuals who school at AFC are allowed to study subjects of their choice. The excellent work that the secretary of education does has enabled millions of American children to get a decent education. Follow Betsy DeVos on

Mrs. DeVos has used her position in the government to initiate and implement excellent policies that aim at bettering the current education system. According to her, thousands of children in the country miss opportunities to attend schools that can prepare them for their future professions. She believes everyone should have an equal chance of attending learning institutions that can shape his or her career. Betsy has been one of the supporters of the Kids Hope USA, and she has been inspiring elementary school children across the nation.

Apart from the education sector, Betsy Devos has also invested a lot in philanthropy. She has been working closely with her husband, Dick DeVos, in giving back to the Michigan community. The two established DeVos Family Foundation, which has been managing their charity work over the years. Dick is a great fan of aviation, and this motivated the couple to start a state-of-the-art institution that is called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. It has the latest amenities and is considered among the leading aviation colleges in Michigan.

Betsy is recognized for the tremendous support that she has provided to the Republican Party in the past four decades. She supported the election of the President Gerald R. Ford in 1976 by serving on his campaign team. Mrs. DeVos also assisted President Bush in raising funds to cater for his campaigns. Her involvement in politics has enabled her to acquire a lot of knowledge on the management of resources in the grassroots. She was once appointed by the party as the Michigan delegate and also served on the Michigan’s Republican National Committee. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

The DeVos Family Foundation supports a broad array of undertakings, and they include politics, education, art, and medical research. Betsy and her husband have given a lot of money to charity, and they are ranked among the United States’ most generous people. She is currently sponsoring the education of several children at Potter’s House Christian School.

Ending Big Money in Politics

With Citizens United having a huge foot hold in our electoral process today, it is no surprise that it can be considered a root cause to the degradation of our democracy. End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that seeks to end the influence that Big Money holds on the political System, in addition to raising awareness about it and the corruption that has spawned from it. The overall mission of this Particular committee involves implementing state ballot measures. Ending Citizens United will prevent the wealthier citizens from tipping the balance of electoral power in their favor. As long as Citizens United is still in place, it will also allow those very same people to profit from the sickness and death of citizens, due to their ownership of the health care system. Billionaire interference has done more harm than good, when it comes to the outcome of our elections. Since they are bought and paid for, you rob people of truly exercising their rights as American Citizens. When a minority group of people buy the electoral process, the government will only represent that particular minority. Citizens United has removed the democratic fundamentals of this once great Nation. This committee also wishes to see contribution limits reinstated, as a means to deter corporate influence and outside spending. The elimination of Citizens United will also hold Republicans accountable and they will no longer be able to avoid paying taxes. Committee reformers will also have to be elected, in order to straighten out the political process. Once Citizens United has been overturned, America can then focus on getting the political system back on track. End Citizens United has numerous amounts of dedicated patriots on board and they see to restoring the system of allowing American Citizens to freely elect who ever they would like to be in office. End Citizens United does except donations in order to fund their noble cause.In conclusion, End Citizens United believes that corporations should play very little to no part in our electoral process. When their mission is complete they will have the proper regulations on campaign spending.

George Soros Sees Hard Times Ahead

The Winds Of Politics Switch Direction
2016 was a shocking year many people. Most expected conservative figures like Donald Trump and movements like Brexit to lose, but in the end these movements proved successful and won out in the end. The success of these movements has angered many on the Left but George Soros in particular is extremely disturbed by these movements. He sees this as a potential slide away from progress and towards darker times.

The Consequences Of This
The consequences of these wins could prove dire for many important causes. As far as George Soros sees it this marks a move towards a less global world and more authoritarian politics in the West. Under these conditions minority rights are under threat and democracy as we know it is under threat. In the long term this may very well hurt economies and lead to severe consequences such as another recession. In order to prevent this liberals need to rethink their strategy going into elections and find a way to regain the power they lost last year.

What The Left Needs To Do
George Soros understands why conservatives pulled off the surprise victories on they had last year. So far the benefits of globalization have largely ignored the majority of westerners. Developing nations have benefited and the wealthy elites of the West have seen gains, but very little has improved for the average middle class or working class citizen of developed countries. Naturally, these people are angry and decided to vote for candidates who promised to destroy the current globalization infrastructure on Forbes. If liberals can understand these middle class voters they have the potential to regain power and reverse the course of events we are seeing.

George Soros Today
The longtime contributor to liberal politics isn’t going anywhere. In past times George Soros allowed political disappointments to discourage him from participating in politics, but now he wants to play a role in helping the Left recover after these losses. Throughout the election Soros made his criticisms of Donald Trump clear and the feeling was often mutual. On a personal level these elections hit George Soros hard and actually cost him considerable amounts of money. The wise investor has decided he doesn’t want to pull out of politics on He is set on defending democracy and leading us towards a more open world.

About George Soros
George Soros is a hedge fund manager and philanthropist based in the United States. With a net worth exceeding 425 billion Soros has made himself the most successful hedge fund manager in the world and his private hedge fund, the Soros Fund, is the most successful of any. He uses the wealth he has accumulated to advance the political causes he believes in and to enable a world where more people can aspire to his success. Beyond his personal politics he uses his fortune to contribute to political campaigns that will allow these ambitions to finally see the light of day.

Charles Koch and the Constitution

Charles Koch is one of the most influential individuals in the world as he is well known and well respected in both the business world as well as within politics. Mr. Koch and his brother David are owners of Koch Industries, a family owned business. Koch Industries has been expanded by the Koch brothers and is now a oil refining business that is responsible for making billions of consumable products all around the world. Charles Koch and David Koch have used their success of the business to their advantage by creating a network of politically motivated families all with a common interest of spreading more support and information of the free market and how beneficial it is to society.

Charles Koch, with the success of his privately owned company, has become involved in the United States politics. Mr. Koch is a strong advocate for the GOP which is most notable in the 2012 election when The Koch brothers network donated around $400 million to the campaign of Mitt Romney who like the Koch brothers, was an influential businessman. Though Mitt Romney was not elected to be president, the Koch brothers have since then been able to raise close to $1 billion in donations to be given to a new potential candidate of their choosing. Though there power within the GOP has been influential, the Koch brothers only have the goal for preventing government intervention within the economy through price controls and other forms of intervention.

In recent news, Charles and New York City Mayor have come together to fight for a new issue. This new issue is free speech which is often covered up or silenced by university members and officials. Charles Koch and Michael Bloomberg are in agreement that opinions must be allowed to be shared or it is unconstitutional. Mr. Koch and Mr. Bloomberg make a compelling argument during their speeches to college graduates that opinions will never be accepted by everyone, yet they are opinions none the less that must be stated. Mr. Koch and Mr. Bloomberg state that it is never the University’s job to cover opinions up.

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