Using the Chaz Dean WEN line of Hair Products

When it comes to the Wen line of Hair products it is very important to follow the instructions that are printed on the bottle. If customers fail to do so it will not give the desired results. The cleansing conditioner can be used in a simple 3 step process and provide the user with extreme volume and shine. The first step is to rinse the hair adequately before applying the WEN cleansing conditioner. Depending on the length of your hair it is necessary to apply a certain amount of product. For short hair use 10-16 pumps of the product, for medium hair use 16-24 pumps and for long hair length use 24-32 pumps. For hair that is extremely long use more product as required. Make sure to pump the Wen product directly into the palm of the hand in order to easily apply it to the hair. Step number 2 requires the user to apply the cleansing conditioner directly to both the hair and scalp making sure to add some water in order to evenly distribute it. The WEN line of products do not contain any sulphates that may have a harsh effect on the hair. it contains only natural beneficial products that do not allow it to lather. Massage the cleansing conditioner evenly and let it soak for several minutes. Step 3 is simply to rinse out the product making sure it is completely removed.

This is the same procedure that Emily McClure used in her trial run of the WEN cleansing conditioner. This complete article can be found on BUSTLE and Her experience was an overall positive one as it left her hair very shiny and provided the promised effect. She recommends it to her facebook friends looking for something new.