NY Times Talks About George Soros’s Philanthropy

Philanthropy isn’t something people just find themselves getting involved in. It often comes from a place of pain and a desire to change things. George Soros’s path to philanthropy began like many in his generation. Growing up in Nazi-occupied Hungary wasn’t easy for the young Jewish man and his family.

Even after the war ended, Hungary still adopted a Communistic government, which Soros could not deal with. As soon as he could, he moved to London. He lived there briefly before immigrating to the United States. Once in the U.S., he found huge success on Wall Street.

His Wall Street career is best remembered for the time he made $1 billion betting against the British pound. Arguably, he caused the British pound to devalue by making too many aggressive moves in too short of a time period. That earned him a reputation for being a manipulative, greedy overlord.

In truth, he’s one of the nicest people in the world. He’s also one of the few billionaires that actually care about helping the world. For the past three decades, he’s been donating billions of dollars to his Open Society Foundations. According to NY Times, he’s donated $18 billion so far.

The reason no one has known about his charitable contributions is because he’s not vain. He doesn’t talk about the good he’s doing unless he’s bringing attention to a disaster he’s trying to prevent or assist. He doesn’t believe in philanthropy for publicity. There’s too much suffering in the world for vanity.

When he founded Open Society more than 30 years ago, he wanted to promote democracy and fight for human rights. Now, Open Society does more than just participate in political issues. Three years ago, when an Ebola outbreak occurred in the U.S., Open Society funded treatment centers.

As nice of a man who George Soros is, there are numerous people who believe he’s a monster. Yes, his hedge fund management style may not be what people would’ve liked, but his philanthropy is honest. Still, right-wing conspiracy theorists believe that his philanthropy is an assault on American traditions and history.

According to JPost, the events that they disapprove of include supporting Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the NFL protests, and the Women’s March. He’s even been accused of hiring women to accuse Republicans of sexual assault.

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