Karl Heideck: What Being a Litigation Attorney Involves

Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck

When most people hear of litigators and litigation, pictures of television dramas consisting of tense courtroom arguments erupting between the litigation attorney and DA come to mind; a career full of arguing and debating law; and, most undoubtedly, lawsuits, lawsuits, and more lawsuits! But Actually, litigators have many more responsibilities other than courtroom dramas.

Litigation attorneys represent both complainants (those filing a lawsuit) and defendants (those who are being sued). The responsibilities of a litigation attorney consists of: investigation, pleadings, discovery, pretrial, trial, settlement, and appeal processes. Each one of these processes can be time consuming. For Example, take the discovery process. A discovery is basically gathering all of the evidence in order to prove or disprove a case for or against a client. The job of both attorneys in the matter are to work in the best interest of their clients. Thus, the revealing of evidence, or even the attempt to keep evidence from entering the courtroom, becomes a big concern for any litigation attorney. This means they must do a lot of research on the case and the legalities surrounding its aspects and learn more about Karl.

Karl Heideck is one of these litigation attorneys practicing law in the Philadelphia area. For over ten years he has been protecting the rights of clients involved in the grueling litigation lawsuit process, both for defendants and complainants. Heideck first pursued an education in English and literature at Swarthmore College, later graduating with honors from Tempe University Beasley School of Law and read full article.

At present, Karl Heideck also works as a Hire Counsel contact attorney for Grant and Eisenhofer in compliance and risk management. Heideck is also involved in legal writing, corporate law, employment law, intellectual property law, teaching and product liability, among other things that make Karl Heideck a powerful attorney in his field.