Kerrisdale Capital Management’s Chief Investment Officer and Founder Sahm Adrangi

Whenever Kerrisdale Capital Management is mentioned, Sahm Adrangi has to come to mind. Besides being the company’s founder, he is its Chief Investment Officer. Sahm launched the company in 2009 and has taken part in every aspect of its development. When launching Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm had under $1 million. Presently, his company manages more than $150 million yearly. Mr. Adrangi is renowned for publishing research and shares his company’s analysis on stocks including overhyped shorts as well as under-followed longs. Kerrisdale’s research is shared on Twitter, its website, and on third-party sites.

How Mr. Adrangi came to the Limelight

People came to know of Mr. Adrangi back in 2010 and 2011 when he exposed fraudulent Chinese companies, Lihua International, and China Marine Food Group and many others. Several of his targets including ChinaCast Education Corp were subjected to strict enforcement actions by the Commission of Securities and Exchange.

Although Kerrisdale‘s research is spread across various companies and industries, most recently, Sahm has decided to focus the company’s efforts to specific sectors including biotechnology. Kerrisdale also focuses on the mining sector where it has questioned market valuations as well as mining prospects of Northern Dynasty Minerals and First Majestic Silver. The company has also published a lot of reports on the telecommunications industry where it has shared incredulous views on ViaSat Inc., Dish Network, and Globalstar.

Besides publishing research, Sahm assumed the role of an activist in various investments. For instance, back in 2013, Mr. Adrangi worked together with Lindsay Corporation management in an effort to optimize capital allocation policies and cash deployment of the company. In 2014, he helped replace Morgans Hotel Group’s directors.

Sahm began his career at Deutsche Bank. He also worked at Chanin Capital Partners before spending several years at Longacre Management. He studied at Yale University where he obtained his BA in Economics. Adrangi has spoken at several conferences such as the Activist Investor Conference, the Sohn Conference, and Value Investing Conference. Moreover, Sahm has appeared on numerous interviews on Bloomberg and CNBC. He has also been featured in several publications, including the New York Times and the BusinessWeek.

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Vincent Parascandola: Profile of a Leader in the Financial Advisory Industry

Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive Vice President of at AXA Advisors LLC, with his main responsibilities being management recruitment, development, retention, and productivity in addition to sales and development of both novice and experienced professionals in the financial sector.

Vincent Parascandola’s Industry Experience

Mr. Vincent Parascandola boasts more than two decades’ experience in finance. His career in the industry began in 1987 when he joined Prudential as an agent. In the same year, he was named Rookie of the Year. In 1990, Vincent left Prudential and joined MONY Life Insurance Company, where he held several regional and local field positions. In 2004 he joined AXA Advisors.

Before he was appointed the regional president, Vincent Parascandola had been the President of the Advantage Group, which is a division of AXA Equitable. The unit was created in the company’s bid to attract seasoned financial professionals. Before this, he co-managed AXA’s New York Metro branch, with about 400 financial experts in the tri-state region.

Career Awards, Recognition and Educational Background

According to Rocketreach, Vincent is highly regarded for his leadership style and, as a result, has obtained multiple industry awards in his career that include Master Agency and Career Development awards from GAMA. He is also highly sought-after as a speaker at numerous industry conferences, with the most notable being LIMRA distribution conferences and GAMA national LAMP meetings.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree earned at New York’s Pace University. Vincent recently returned to his alma mater to deliver the commencement speech given to the graduating class of 2014. Check out Vimeo to know more.

About AXA Advisors

AXA Advisors, LLC functions as the broker/dealer and major retail distribution channel for its parent company, AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, which is one of the leading financial protection firms. It is also a leading provider of life and annuity insurance solutions in the country. AXA Advisors has a network that consists of nearly 6,000 financial experts who provide products and strategies for investment and financial protection as well as retirement, college, business and estate planning. AXA Equitable delivers wealth management strategies and financial protection solutions and is a subsidiary arm of AXA Financial.

George Soros Sells US Stock Holdings to Buy Gold

A recent article on Bloomberg discusses the latest investment decisions by one of the largest investors, George Soros. In March this year, George Soros reduced his US stock investments by 37%. The billionaire from Hungary made this move while betting on gold. His stock holdings had reduced to $3.5 billion by the end of March. Soros added bullish options contracts from SPDR Gold Trust for 1.05 million shares and a stake of $264 million in Barrick Gold Corp. The stake is equivalent to 1.7% of Barrick. Soros has built his $24 billion net worth with his market analysis. In this latest move, he predicted that China’s debt-fueled economy would cause the global financial crisis.
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According to the philanthropist, the US market cannot avoid the effects of the Chinese economy. Investors should expect a decline in stock prices and an increase in government bonds. Stan Druckenmiller supports the bet on gold as well. Stan is the former chief strategist to Soros. He indicated that he allocated the largest proportion of his currency to gold. According to Bloomberg’s general pricing estimates, the 16% quarterly increase in gold this year is the biggest since 1986. Barrick’s shares have more than doubled as it reduces its debts and costs. The miner has grown by 39 % since the end of March.

Soros Fund Management returned all funds to other investors and now focuses on the managing the billionaire’s wealth. At the end of the year 2015, Soros sold his holding in Dow Chemical Co. worth $161 million and his stake in Level 3 Communications Inc. worth $173. He also sold his stake in Delta Air Lines Inc and Endo International PLC on Other investors seem to have followed Soros’ move. Glenview Capital Management reduced its US equity holdings by 22% to 13.6% while Millennium Management reduced its hold by 17% to $36.5 billion. Citadel Advisors reduced its listed stocks by 29% to $13.6 billion.

George Soros’ view on the EU could have influenced his investment decision. He indicated recently that EU is about to collapse. His best on gold seems to be a bet against the Euro. George Soros argues that the prices of currencies and securities in the financial market are influenced by traders’ emotions and not logical considerations. The traders influence one another, and his focus is to lead the herd of traders. George Soros became famous around the world in 1992 when he invested $10 billion on the British pound and caused a shortage in the Bank of England.

Soros has donated about $7 billion through the Open Society Foundation. The Foundation advocates for democratic and human rights. George Soros is right about his predictions on the Chinese currency and its influence on US stocks. A report by CLSA indicates that the currency could fall to as much as 25%. The decline will affect the US economy because of the significant trade volume with China. Raul Moreno, the co-founder, and CEO of iBillionaire thinks Soros is just protecting his investments.