Securus Technologies, Leading the Pack Via Technological Advancements

Securus Technologies is a company based in Dallas, Texas started in 1986. Since its humble beginnings, it’s managed to be a leader in inmate communications and financial services. The company provides calling, video calling, prepaid accounts and other ways for friends and family of the incarcerated to stay in touch. Through their technology, many have given Securus great praise not only for the services they provide but also for the monitoring they provide. This service assists both internally and externally for all those involved in the process. The company has also received accolades by being recognized for helping to resolve internal and external criminal matters, enabling crimes to be prosecuted that were once deemed as almost impossible.


The benefits that family members (of the incarcerated) receive from the services are great as well. Families are able to avoid costly and even wasted trips should an inmate have to reschedule a visit. The family also no longer has to pay for lodging, transportation, meals and other services while away from home. All factors taken into consideration families can cut their costs significantly. The monitoring services are also beneficial to internal investigations of employees and the inmates. Disputes can be reviewed by audio, video or both and provide a birds-eye view of any incidents that had occurred.


Having a strong customer service and satisfaction record is also enjoyed by Securus Technologies. They are typically able to resolve any inquiries over the telephone with only one call. They also receive high customer satisfaction ratings when measured. This is a notoriously difficult area, as there are emotions attached to the concerns. Being a leader in the inmate services field, Securus is always investing in new technology and setting themselves well ahead of the pack in this critically important industry.


What You Need to Know About Jason Hope’s Interests in Anti-aging Research

The SENS Foundation has always been on a mission to create a progressive biotechnology industry. Through the application of its damage-repair expertise, the institution is geared towards speeding drug development processes. The institution also organizes yearly Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conferences that feature biotech experts who speak on regenerative therapies for Parkinson’s and cancer disease.

Jason Hope, a serial entrepreneur, is celebrated as one of the donors and supporters of the SENS Foundation. In 2010, Hope’s $500,000 contribution enabled the institution to build and launch the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. His donation was also used to fund research on glycation in the human tissue. Hope, a resident of Arizona, is also a philanthropist and active supporter of regenerative therapies.

The acronym SENS stands for “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.” The SENS Foundation operates as a non-profit institution that relies on support from philanthropists, scientists, private individuals, and researchers. According to Jason Hope, non-profit organizations such as SENS Foundation are embracing new anti-aging therapies, and resume him.

Hope believes that SENS strives to find cures to diseases that speed up the process of aging by attacking the cells and tissues. He also believes that traditional treatments only focus on curing the diseases as soon as they happen. He is impressed by how SENS Foundation is ensuring that people do not suffer from diseases such as heart and lung disease.

About Jason Hope

Besides being a serial entrepreneur, Jason Hope is a prolific futurist. Being a futurist allows him to gauge the prevalence of technology in modern economic activities and make forecasts regarding the future use of technology. Hope’s predictions are usually centered on how the Internet will make things easier in the future. Individuals and enterprises that seek to capitalize on technological innovations in the present and future can use Hope’s predictions for guidance, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

Jason Hope is a holder of an undergraduate finance degree from the State University of Arizona. He has master’s in business administration from the Carey School of Business, which operates under the management of the State University of Arizona. Hope recently launched a grant program targeting young, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs, and

Jason Hope established the grant program because young entrepreneurs or students usually experience difficulty when turning a business idea into reality. Hope is certain that lack of finances and technical support are among the challenges that these young entrepreneurs face. Along with this lines, his grant program awards $500 to selected entrepreneurs to help them get a business idea off the ground, and his Facebook.

Securus Technologies Helping Catch Violent Criminals

This month my team of fugitive hunters were notified that we had to bring a very dangerous suspect into custody as quickly as possible. This suspect was going from bank to bank without any type of disguise, and telling the bank tellers he was armed and would shoot if they did not fill his bag with all the money in their drawer. The reason my team was called in was this suspect went from robbing one teller to taking the entire bank staff hostage inside the vault.


If thing were allowed to progress at this rate, we may be dealing with several dead people the next bank that he decided to visit. The pattern in which he chose his targets was very sporadic, so we had nothing to go by to help us to anticipate his next move. Friends and family were no help because the suspect cut all ties, and he was basically able to stay under the radar by blending in with his surroundings.


With nowhere else to turn, we decided to go to the local prison to see if our suspect had any associates who may be able to point us in a direction before it was too late. Inmates are not too cooperative, but thanks to Securus Technologies, we got their help without them even realizing. Securus Technologies was responsible for the installation of the call monitoring system the officers use in that jail to listen to inmates on the phones.


Right after our visit, one inmate was on the phone talking to his sister and warning her to get the word to the suspect we were on the him. We could not make the connection, until the inmate mentioned they shared a baby and should all hit the road. Before the group had that chance, we found our suspect and took him down quickly.


Securus Technologies – Pioneer in the Field of Inmate Communications

Securus Technologies is one of the most reputed and highly respected inmate communications and prison Services Company in the United States. The company also offers its services to the correctional agencies in Canada and Mexico. The company since its inception in 1986 is known for using the advanced technology to modernize the incarceration experience and make the lives of prisoners easier. The company offers highly affordable and reliable communication products and services to the prisoners so that they can talk with their friends and relatives on a regular basis.

The company recently released a press release online where it showed the excerpts from the letters it received from the law enforcement officials. The letters showed how the services offered by Securus Technologies, such as LBS and Investigation PRO are effective in catching the offenders and convicting them in the court. These services also help the law enforcement officials to prevent crime and be at the crime scene beforehand and arrest the offenders red-handed. The technology offered by Securus Technologies has saved hundreds of lives so far and make the prison premises safer and crime free to a great extent. As a law enforcement official myself, I can say without a doubt that Securus Technologies is the best service provider in the field of crime prevention and inmate communications.

I have been one of the frequent uses of Securus Technologies and knew for a fact that it is one of the best inmate communications company out there. The company uses advanced technology to help the inmate stay connected to their parents, son, friends, spouses, and relatives. It is one of the most essential services that inmates look for. The best part is that the Securus Technologies offer its services at a fraction of the price of what other providers give. It makes it easier for the prisoners as well who have limited funds on them.

Securus Technologies Embraces the Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is a large communications company that severs the corrections industry over a wide area of North America. The company has service in over 3,800 correctional facilities, safety organizations, and law enforcement agencies. Over 1.2 million inmates and their families also are served by the company.


The communications system utilizes the most modern technology be being connected to capabilities with Android or Apple devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, and regular landline phones. Having this widespread ability to stay in touch is a very good program for people who are incarcerated as keeping contact with family is a very healthy and desired situation.


One feature that is becoming very popular is the video phone system, where each party is seen on a screen with webcam capability. This is just like being in the same room together and gives a more intimate feel to a phone call. There is also chat, voicemail, and a money transfer service available.


Securus just recently became accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Not every business in America is eligible to be accredited by the BBB. There is an initial screening where a decision is made to see if a business is currently meeting the BBB standards and if so, an accreditation application is filled out and submitted.


Once that is accomplished, the application is reviewed, and the staff at BBB researches the business in detail and verifies all of the information. If the business meets all of the requirements, then it is accredited.


Being a member of the Better Business Bureau signifies to the public and customers that good service and optimum relations are the hallmarks of a business organization. If a customer has any grievance or servicing problem that is not taken care of, they may register a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Then at that point, the record of resolving the complaint is recorded for all to see publically.


The objective is to never get to the point that anything at all is recorded, but there are complaints, customers are given the assurance that problems will be speedily taken care of.


Securus Technologies Defends Against Global Tele Link Press Release

A few months ago Global Tele Link (GTL) published a press release regarding patents being disputed by GTL with the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB). In a series of allegations, GTL accused Securus Technology of patent infringement. In the GTL claims, patent “816”, a patent that protects certain aspects of video visitation software from infringement has been apparently violated by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies countered this accusatory press release by going point by point through the original GTL accusations and answering with clear, concise points. For example, GTL stated that patent 816 had been validated by the PTAB. Securus stated that they went through the patent record and found no evidence of patent 816 ever been validated by GTL. Furthermore, any legal action initiated by GTL has been stayed by the Texas federal courts for now. Securus is confident that if a legal dispute does go to court, Securus has never used that aspect of GTL technology.


To read all points listed and disputed in the GTL claim, please click here. Both parties have claims in for video technology, but Securus has almost three times the amount of total patents or pending patents than GTL has currently. It will be interesting to see if this GTL dispute actually has any legal grounding. One thing that GTL could do that Securus currently does is essentially “lease out” their technology to another inmate communication company. GTL would still own the rights, but make more money than they would by just using the technology in-house.


Child Concert Attendance With Securus

Child concert attendance with Securus is one of the best things I have ever seen, and it works really well for my niece while we are watching her. It is a hard situation for us, but we are trying to make the best of it. I took the Securus app with me on my phone to her most recent chorus concert, and my brother got to watch the whole thing on Securus. I have been very impressed with the way that Securus is helping us, and I know that they have thought up all these different things to helps kids like Wendy.


Everyone in the family wants to see what Wendy is doing because she is such a talented girl, and I want her father to see that even though he is in jail. It is really one of the best things for her because she has been performing a lot. She knows that her daddy is watching, and we have been able to get these things done quickly because of the way that Securus works. I put the app on my phone, and I take it with my to all her events. It makes more sense for us to use this technology, and it shows us that we have a lot of options to help Wendy feel supported.


She loves it when we people come to see her sing, and she especially wants her dad to see her sing. We have been able to bring him along with Securus a lot of different times, and I know that it will serve her really well until he gets out. He can still see what is going on with her life, and then he will not have missed as much as he would have. I use Securus on my phone, and I am very ready to see Wendy sink.


Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Video Visitation Is The Solution We’ve Been Waiting For

If you have a loved on who is incarcerated, then you likely know how difficult it can be to stay in touch. Thankfully, Securus Technologies has many solutions that make this process easier.

Recently, Securus has been making quite the stir with their mobile applications. Securus released an Android app six months ago, as well as an Apple version just last week. Their Android version has over 60,000 downloads and the Apple app already has over 5,000.

I personally love the flexibility and freedom these applications provide. I am able to visit my family from the comfort of my own home whenever I like. Video visitation itself is an amazing technology. Before, I had to travel to the facility to see my loved ones. Now, I am able to talk with them face-to-face. This provides a much more substantial connection than just voice communication.

Securus is a leading provider of inmate communication solutions all across the nation. They service over 2,200 facilities. They offer a range of services such as email, inmate phone calls and their new video visitation program.

Securus is based out of Dallas, Texas. The solutions they offer are only part of the reason they are such a successful company. They also have outstanding customer service and convenient payment methods.

Don’t let incarceration impact how you stay in touch. I personally love the service Securus offers. The freedom of video visitation has truly changed how I communicate. I strongly recommend checking them out here.