Michael Zomber: A Man Of History


Michael Zomber is a man inspired by history. Born in Washington D.C with a Bachelor’s Degree with honors in English Literature and Psychology along with a Master’s Degree in English Literature from UCLA , For the past 30 years he has spent his spare time collecting antique weaponry from almost every part of the world. He gained an extensive amount of knowledge throughout his life on the topic of the history of war and weapons. He is now truly an expert in his field. Due to his expertise, Zomber has made many accomplishments during his life including appearing as a guest historian on six episodes of “Tales of the Gun”, a show that aired on the History Channel in 1998 where he could share his knowledge about antique guns.


Most people know of Michael Zomber as an author. He has published four novels and seven screenplays including historical novels such as “Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War” this story is written from the perspective of an eight-year-old girl who is eagerly waiting for her father to return home from the Civil War. She also speaks about topics that were current during that time such as President Lincoln and slavery. Another title written by Zomber is “Shogun Iemitsu”, a novel that also shares the same theme of war but in an entirely different time, place, and story. It’s a novel highlighting the life of two young samurais living in 17th century Tokugawa Japan. Another intriguing book published by Michael Zomber is a non-fiction book titled “Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai”. It is a book that covers the history of Christianity as it spread throughout India and China.


In 2005 Zomber decided to take his love for history one step further and produced his own film called “Soul of the Samurai”, a film that was made with his very own production company known as Renascent Films that he started with his wife, according to IMDb. “Soul of the Samurai” is a fascinating movie that tells the story of how samurais had lived their lives based on the tradition of Bushido, which is a code of honor and means “Way of the warrior”. The film is brought to life with 3D animation.


Currently, Zomber still holds his love for history and is truly a storyteller by heart but is now residing outside of Philadelphia with his wife and two children Gabriella and Christopher. Read more about Michael on Citrite, for more insight into his career, and his passion for history.