The Outstanding Wessex Institute Of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is an institution that offers science and engineering research. It was founded in 1986 by Professor Carlos Blebbia, the originator of Boundary Elementary Method. Its main aim is to offer a platform for transfer of information between professional users within the industry and academics. The institute offers development programs, publications and organizes annual meetings. The meetings cover fields such as engineering, physical science, finance and ecology among others. Annual meeting programs involve conferences, short courses and seminars. Wessex Institute of Technology’s international conferences are held in distinct venues around the world. The meetings serve the international scientific community and are a platform for paper presentations.

WIT offers graduate programs in collaboration with other academic institutions in both Masters and Doctoral levels. It boasts of a substantial number of Ph.Ds that have been awarded. It provides a link between research and industrial needs. WIT offers specialist research in fluid mechanics, industrial research, environmental modeling, damage mechanics and information communication technology. There are software services where researchers continue to develop and maintain the Boundary Element Analysis System that provides services to mechanical, aerospace, automotive, offshore and naval. The system also offers specialized applications in electromagnetic, fracture mechanics and biomedicine.

Wikipedia mentions that Wessex Institute of Technology has a publishing arm that produces books, monographs and edited works, and publishes papers. The institute is supported by research and industrial organizations, Wessex Institute Foundation and projects and contracts from industries. Over the years, it has had researchers who now work in the best Universities as Full Professors. It welcomes scholars, visiting professors and senior academics who later collaborate with the Institute as Alumni to ensure the success of the institute’s activities. WIT also has an office based in Boston Massachusetts that enhances the links between the research community in Canada and the US and the Institute. The office helps in selling WIT publications and promoting the use of boundary elements in the industry.

WIT’s attractive location at New Forest National Park England makes it an ideal place for conferences, seminars and courses. It offers accommodation in the cottages and the main building. Lectures are held in the Chubut building and the Fairbairn Lecture Hall. There are primary and secondary schools as well as Universities nearby and in the neighboring cities. Visit their Linkedin page to learn more.