The Importance of Preventive Health Screenings

Health screenings are affordable and great at detecting diseases and risk factors for developing a disease. When people get screened, this is a great way of detection early on and a way of starting treatment of the disease before it progresses. It is a way to educate patients about their risk factors and how to correct them before they become a problem. There is no age limit set on when preventive health screenings should be done because many health conditions do not cause symptoms until they have progressed into a critical state. Depending upon an individual’s health history, screenings can begin as early as 40. But with someone that has no family history of strokes, heart attacks, or diabetes, screenings are done at the age of 50.

Life Line Screening has been offering preventive health screenings since 1993. Their service network is nationwide and has currently screened millions of patients every year. There are three types of health screenings they provide. An EKG, an ultrasound, and a finger-stick blood screening. Each one of these techniques provide affordable, reliable results within minutes of being performed.The reason Life Line Screening is a good service to utilize is that if a person isn’t experiencing anything, then their physician will not check the items that Life Line will. Insurance companies will not pay for test if a person is not having issues.

But with Life Line, these test can be performed at an affordable price and then the individuals doctors can review the results.If the results point out potential risk or health condition, then the individual’s doctor can order the appropriate diagnostic test to further investigate the original findings. Insurance typically covers tests and procedures if there are findings that warrant the test.Insurance will reimburse the individual depending on the type of health insurance coverage. All that needs to be done is send a receipt along with the results so insurance can verify your coverage and see if reimbursement is needed. You can also watch Health related video: Here.


Innovacare Health Appoints Three New Healthcare Professionals to Its Management

InnovaCare Health has hired three professionals to work in their management team so that they can offer efficient and quality services. Two of the executives have been working in the government programs Medicare and Medicaid, and for that reason, they have substantial experience in this field. Jonathan Meyer will be serving as the chief actuary officer of the firm. Before being offered this role, Meyer served as a director of actuarial services, mediocre and Medicaid at Horizon BCBS. He also served as a chief actuary at HealthCare Partners in New York, in the Department of Heritage Medical Systems.

Penelope Kokkinides who has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare, focussing on government programs, was appointed as the chief administrative office. She is equipped with extensive knowledge and skills in developing clinical programs and management of healthcare processes and operations. Her focus is to improve efficiency and organizational infrastructure. Penelope Kokkinides has worked in various executive roles such as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight HealthCare. At Centerlight, she was accountable for the overall administration and strategic direction of the managed care department.

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Mike Sortino is another executive who has been appointed as the chief accounting officer of InnovaCare. Before his appointment, he worked as the Chief Financial Officer for HCC Specialty, working for more than five years. Mike has a vast experience in the field of insurance and reinsurance and also over five years in public accounting. The three professionals are equipped with a high level of experience, expertise and professional integrity that is needed in all leaders that work for InnovaCare Health. Each of these professionals will present a rich background and unique expertise required by this organization as they look forward to making InnovaCare Health successful despite the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

About InnovaCare
InnovaCare, Inc. is a healthcare company that offers managed health care services, managing the leading health plans in Puerto Rico. The company is under the leadership of Rick Shinto, whereby he is the current President and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc.

To ensure the operations of the business runs smoothly, Richard is being helped by Penelope Kokkinides who is the chief administrative officer. InnovaCare operates two Medicaid plans in the Puerto Rico’s Government Health Plan, with broad benefit coverage via a harmonized care model. InnovaCare is the only service provider that offer health plans that are NCQA accredited. For this reason, the company is devoted to providing its members with high-quality healthcare by forming sustainable models of managed care that are harmonized, affordable, innovative and fully integrated with modern technology.

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