Style and Comfort Join Forces in Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Athleisure Wear

Actress and busy mom Kate Hudson, daughter of legendary actress Goldie Hawn, co-founded the Fabletics line of activewear in October of 2013. She and her partners, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, saw a need for high quality activewear at an affordable price point, and that is how Fabletics was born. Today, Hudson and her team have brick and mortar stores in ten states, as well as a strong presence online.

In April of 2016, Hudson rewrote the rules of fashion when she dropped Fabletics performance wear dresses and bikinis, bringing style and comfort together in one gloriously subtle package. When interviewed by about her new line, Hudson called the addition of dresses “a natural progression. We’re taking the active girl, taking her out on the town, and keeping her casual!”

Hudson says the line of dresses can be worn on a date night, in the office, to dinner with friends, or anywhere! The ease and comfort of wearing the dresses is her main focus. Some styles of dresses from Fabletics, such as the Tropez dress, even have a bra built right in for maximum comfort and ease of movement.

The Fabletics swimwear line is inspired by the same idea of comfort meeting style, so that wearers can swim, play beach volleyball, do cannonballs, and generally have a blast at the pool or beach without worrying about a bikini top coming off during an ill-fated splash. Fabletics is all about staying active, stylish, and comfortable no matter where you are or what you’re doing – or, as Hudson puts it, “We want people to feel like they’re protected in our clothes.”

The best part is that Fabletics offers high quality material for an affordable price. You can start shopping for Fabletics dresses, activewear, and swimwear at and show your beach squad while you’re at it!

Style, Self Expression, and Athletics

Fashion is something that has a lot of mindsets towards it. On one end of the spectrum are people that need to have styles. They are always looking for the latest trends so that they can try them on and show them off to others. On the other end are people that avoid fashion as best as they can. Then there are those that love fashion, but they look for unique items that they themselves like in order to build their style. Kate Hudson is one of those in the third camp. She is in fact so passionate about fashion and style that she has decided to start her line called Fabletics.

Her line of clothing has been inspired by a need for some unique fits and styles in the sports wear category of clothes. She is not only trying provide a platform for people to find their own style, she is also trying to inspire people to live healthier lives. She also has a website that offers tips for dieting and exercise. Among the reasons behind her starting Fabletics is that she wants people to be able to workout while not only feeling more confident, but being more able to move in these types of clothing.

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Fabletics is a clothing subscription shop that offers plenty of unique types of athletic wear. Customers will find some of the most interesting pieces of clothing for them to try and order. Fabletics have a lot of unique athletic clothing that they will not find anywhere.

Kate Hudson has gone on plenty of interviews in order to talk about her new line of clothing. She has gone on publications such as Elle Magazine. She has shown interest not only in entertainment, but fashion to the point that she always has something valuable to offer people. See: