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There is no doubt to the fact that everyone loves parties. However, the biggest worry is usually in planning and hosting these parties. It becomes even more challenging if you are a busy guardian or parent. Worry no more. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in NYC. It has done everything for your plan to make sure everything is easy. Yours is to enjoy.

There are different kinds of parties, and yours could be just around the corner. Here are very useful tips that will help you throw your party in style and with ease.

• Bring in a co-host. Having a co-host in your party will save you lots of energy, time, and money. Ask out one of your friends to come over and host your party with you. While one of you can be setting-up, the other could be cleaning up the place or managing the guest list and food.
• Use an app and a checklist while planning. You can use the Wunderlist app to create a list of the things that need to be done and keep track of each of them as the day approaches.
• Use digital invitations. These invitations will save you some money and time. Send save-to-date reminders and messages using an app such as Hobnob.
• Take care of your pets in advance. Save yourself some time by making advance plans for your pets. It will also help you avoid embarrassments.
• Get some work for the kids. Remember you don’t want your kids to feel not involved. Get them some work to keep them busy and make them feel to have contributed to your party.
• Get groceries delivered on time, keep the food simple and don’t forget to label, and use wireless streaming not playing DJ. Use a dessert hack to make serving easy. Do not hurry to clean up after dinner, hang out with family and friends.

Twenty Three Layers is one of the event planning companies in NYC with unmatched experience in delivering unforgettable events with a reflection on the best trends in food and entertainment. The design firm has Event Planners in NYC who have creative and energetic minds to take care of your next corporate event, gala, wedding celebration, and charitable function. Some of the services offered include branding, production, lighting, fabrication, styling, entertainment, photography, and custom printing.

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How To Throw A Dazzling Party

Prepared to design a stress-free, fun themed, and enjoyable party, Lauren Conrad has taken up business as a party planner for home celebrations. She is taking her experience from the fashion world, publishing business, and social media to help find the best ways to make a party everyone can enjoy. http://www.redbookmag.com/food-recipes/entertaining/news/a44678/lauren-conrad-party-planning-entertaining/

Conrad’s focus is that hosts need to shy away from aiming for perfection. She notes that, “anything that looks too put-together is too fussy for me. If it feels fussy, then people might not be comfortable. A successful party is about comfort and making people feel welcome.” This tip has partially come from her time spent with her husband, William Tell. While Tell is not a fan of overly sophisticated and difficult themes for parties, Conrad still enjoys throwing themed parties. Due to this, Conrad learned how to work with easier themes that both her guests and herself enjoyed, such as birthday hoedowns with cutoffs and plaid shirts.

With party planning on the rise, Twenty Three Layers, an event planning and design firm, has worked hard at planning the greatest parties for a variety of events. The professional team specializes in both business and personal functions, which they aim to surpass all dreams of for the event. In addition to a unique and gorgeous event, Twenty Three Layers also helps relieve hosts of their stress by taking the load off when party planning.

Twenty Three Layers holds coveted positions as even planners for the majority of their clientele. The company strives to provide their top notch services while creating powerful relationships with their customers. Each event is special and unique to the company, and the team of professionals want each customer to know how important their event is to the company.