Dr Rod Rohrich Changing the Face of Plastic Surgery

From February 8 through the 10th of 2018 plastic surgeons will gather in Miami for the Baker Gordon Symposium. This symposium brings the best and brightest of the surgical world of plastic surgery. Dr. Rod Rohrich will be attending and will be participating throughout the event.

The Baker Gordon Symposium is known as an excellent opportunity for teaching and sharing information with other plastic surgery professionals. It is also known for it’s live open surgery presentation. This part of the symposium allows doctors to teach as they can see the actual principals and practice being used. Dr. Rod Rohrich will be performing live surgery during his his “Primary Open Rhinoplasty” portion. He will also be participating and moderating several other components of the symposium.

Dr. Rohrich is a non-stop as he then heads to Dallas to his next event. The organizer and chairperson for the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting and the 35th annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, Dr. Rohrich works dilligently in sharing information. All of these events are meant to teach and advance the art of plastic surgery.

Growing up on a ranch in North Dakota it’s amazing to see what this doctor has accomplished and continues to accomplish in his field. From graduating North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota he has a laundry list of educational accomplishments that are nothing more than simply astounding. After his surgical and plastic surgery residency at The University of Michigan Medical Center he continued on his educational quest by attending England’s Oxford University for special training in pediatric plastic surgery.

He now resides in Dallas, Texas where his practice and career in the field continue to blossom. His dedication to his patients and his love of education will only work to advance the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich has earned his accolades and will constantly be looking to find new and better ways to help his patients.

Eric Lefkofksy is the Philanthropist That the Chicago Area has Been Hoping for

In 2006, Liz and Eric Lefkofksy founded The Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which is in existence to improve the quality of human life by supporting initiatives and organizations that advance education, human rights, arts and culture, and the medical community. Eric and his wife have stated that they are committed to making education available for everyone and they also want to help to eradicate cancer and other diseases that ruin people’s lives. On top of this, they desire to help grow the arts and culture world not only in their home city of Chicago, but worldwide.

To do this Eric Lefkofsky not only donates money but also his time to the different initiatives and organizations that his foundation supports. Some of the organizations that the foundation helps out include, Young Women’s Leadership Charter School, AUSL (Academy for Urban School Leadership), Americans for Responsible Solutions, The Representation Project, American Brain Tumor Association, University of Michigan Health System, and the Art Institute of Chicago. Generally speaking, the foundation offers one year grants to organizations, but sometimes it will offer multi-year grants if it deems it necessary to do so.

Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder of Tempus, which is a tech company that is building an operating system that helps physicians to give their cancer patients the kind of personalized care that might change their lives. He hopes to help revolutionize the way that cancer is dealt with, and it is his passion to help people overcome the disease that has taken so many lives. As a founding partner of Lightbank, Lefkofsky invests in technologies that are disruptive, and he also wrote the book, “Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation,” that goes into more detail about how startups can disrupt industries to be successful. To know more about him click here.

Eric Lefkofsky values education, and attended the University of Michigan where he graduated from. After this, he continued his education and earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. Not only does he now support many different education initiatives and organizations that support education, but he also is also an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. He believes that education is important and that it builds a solid foundation for people in their lives.

Tips for Better Urological Health with Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Manhattan’s Upper East Side hospital Lennox Hill. As a contributing writer for the New York Daily News, Dr. Samadi writes about issues related to urologic health, his specialty. He’s written about everything from menopause to sexual health.

In order to help women get more familiar with the natural process of menopause, Dr. David Samadi wrote an article answering ten of the most asked questions regarding this significant life change. Perhaps the first question on every woman’s mind is, “What age will I go through menopause?” Dr. Samadi notes that while all women are different and go through life’s processes at different times, the most typical range for menopause to begin is between 45 and 55 years old. He notes genetics is a significant factor that determines how old a woman will be when she begins menopause, but other factors such as smoking and chemotherapy also play a role.

Dr. Samadi also notes some of the significant symptoms that women experience during menopause can include hot flashes, muscle and joint pain and mood swings. He offers some tips to combat hot flashes such as avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods. Dr. Samadi encourages women who are going through menopause to continue exercising and eating a healthy diet to help get through the transition as smooth as possible.

Dr. David Samadi also has advice for men seeking help in regards to their sexual health. With his wealth of knowledge in urological matters, Dr. Samadi encourages men to start early in taking care of their sexual health so that things like erectile dysfunction can be mitigated in the future.

As any doctor would tell you, regular exercise and a healthy diet are key components of general health and well-being, the same goes for sexual health. Dr. Samadi suggests trying to eat foods low in fat and rich in antioxidants to help promote good sexual health. One particular exercise noted by Dr. Samadi to help with sexual well-being are Kegels. Regular check-ups, avoiding drugs and limiting alcohol are also tips the doctor recommends. Taking care of sexual health is as simple as doing all the things necessary for a general healthy life.

Dr. Samadi runs a blog on his website samadimd.com, which is full of articles relating to living a healthier life. Few doctors have as culturally rich background as Dr. Samadi, as he has lived all over the world before finally settling in New York for high school, undergraduate and medical studies. He earned his medical degree from S.U.N.Y Stony Brook School of Medicine and is board certified in urology.

Learn More: inspirery.com/dr-david-samadi/

Good Health with Dr. Imran Haque

Our health is very vital to us. This is why when we fall ill, we need a good healthcare facility. Good treatment ensures that you do not need to keep going back for treatment. It also rules out the time that you may spend admitted. This is what you get when you visit Dr. Imran Haque. He operates at the Horizontal Internal Medicine.

Dr. Imran Haque is a very passionate doctor. When studying, his goal was to be able to provide the best services to his patients. He is well educated and has an experience of 15 years. Dr. Imran handles very many cases in the Horizontal Internal Medicine.

He is compassionate towards his diabetic patients. He educates them on how to live a healthy life. He also handles cosmetic surgery. This is a sensitive area that needs a professional. We all know it could go wrong when done by the wrong person. Luckily, his well equipped with the job. Dr. Imran Haque has transmitted his positive attitude to his staff. You, therefore, have nothing to stress about when you walk in Horizontal Internal Medicine.

During an interview, Dr. Imran Haque says that it is the need to help the community that inspired him to set up Horizontal Internal Medicine. Initially, he worked for a hospital owned-Internal Medicine. His patients were satisfied and left very positive views. This encouraged him as well. Dr.Imran Haque, therefore, decided to offer the residents a more equipped facility. The Internal Medicine would treat illnesses that were not possible to handle at a local level.

Dr. Imran says that his journey wasn’t easy. He says that you need a great strategy to make a good entrepreneur. A lot of patience is also needed. Dr. Imran says that a good relationship with fellow associates is key. He doesn’t forget to mention a good communication network and connections as a booster of success in investment.

Dr. Imran says that one skill that he believes contributes to his career is multitasking. He says that the art of multitasking is as vital as breathing to him. The good thing is he has fully mastered it. According to him, it makes a significant difference.