Music Festival Season Is Done, but Lime Crime Keeps the Fun Going

Summer is a time when music festivals overtake the world. The intense music cannot be silenced during this time and avid fans use these opportunities to be themselves by wearing vibrant clothing, makeup, and by traveling the world in the hopes of catching a spare note between pitching their weekend tents. Unfortunately, too few makeup companies pay homage to festival season with their colors, but that is what makes Lime Crime so awesome. Lime Crime specializes in the non-traditional by producing original shades that vary from green to blue to even gray. Celia Leslie took the time to make a tutorial showcasing Lime Crime’s velvetine shades and it immediately made me think of festival season. So, which shades would I wear to show my appreciation for the season and why is it important to have these options?


This eggplant color by Lime Crime is perfect for rock festivals. By offering that edgy element to the makeup as a whole, Jinx works well when paired with black eyeliner, shadow, and purple blush. For those who prefer the heavier scene, a color like this is a means to show their appreciation for the music, the message behind it, and to relate to the other people without having to spend tons of money on body modification.


This shade is anything but like its name as it is fairly soft. The brownish-gold shade offers hints of orange that will work well for a folk festival. Personally, I would wear this shade with my greatest fairy or renaissance costume. I would keep the rest of my look natural and let this shade have the spotlight that it deserves. What makes this shade so special to those who enjoy folk music or cosplaying is that it offers an escape from oneself for just a brief moment.


This velvetine is electrifyingly purple. Anyone who loves electronic music and the energy offered by its festivals will enjoy pairing this color with glitter shadows, face paint, and rainbow hair. Too often, those who love the electronic music scene are unable to be who they want to be outside of these festivals, so this shade allows them to be who they want to be each day safely, which is the entire point of Lime Crime as a company.

Using The Lime Crime Brand Of Makeup

Lime Crime has been one of the most popular makeup brands for many years now. Lots of people are making use of Lime Crime because of the fact that delivers amazing results and allows you to feel great about the way that you look. It is important to know that this brand, in particular, uses vegan ingredients that are healthy for your skin and free of animal by-products. This is why so many people are gravitating towards this amazing brand and using it for themselves, especially on major sites like Naimies.

If you feel that Lime Crime is a good brand for you, there are many different makeup products that you can choose from this brand. There are many different colors and amazing products that can deliver the results that you are looking for when applying all of your makeup. So many people are going with this brand because of how amazing it happens to be and because of the fact that it can truly change the way that you look and feel on the outside so that you feel more confident on the inside.

If you feel that Lime Crime is right for you, it is important that you visit their website to see what types of products they have available for you. Once you know which products are available you can purchase on Doll’s Kill, or what you need and want so that this is something beneficial for your own well-being. This is a brand that people stand behind because they are truly passionate about the different products that are available through this line. If you are looking for a great brand that is cruelty free and completely vegan ingredients, this is definitely an option for you and can totally change the way you look at cosmetics now that you know about this brand.

The prices for Lime Crime makeup are also quite reasonable and fit into many people’s budgets simply because it does not have to be too expensive to buy your makeup. This is a great brand for you to make you so for yourself and can totally change the way you look simply because of the different colors that you are able to make use of.