Socializing With Skout

Skout, an iOS app, is now available as a free download in the App Store. The app has been available for a while now, but just recently it began a promotional campaign with Facebook’s own official app.

Skout is a social network for your mobile device that allows its users to meet new people, make friends and exchange pictures. Now users can sign in using their Facebook account or their email address. They must also include other basic information like whether you are interested in men or women. This is so they can customize your experience by matching you up with people who share in your same interests.

When you first sign in, you are greeted with a grid of people who are online at the time. Tapping their picture opens their profile and from there you can ‘wink’, start a chat and even block them if need be among other things. Users use points that they earn to bid on feature spots where they will gain better visibility. Other activities cost ‘points’ also which you can earn doing various things on the site, like interacting with advertisements, or they can be purchased. Points act like the app’s currency.

Skout has very little that hasn’t been seen for free before with other apps. Many of the complaints that are found in the App Store are how many fake accounts there are and how many points needed to do various activities. It also doesn’t encourage people to actually meet and most posts are from pouting teenagers or comments about a person’s appearance.

While Skout is a well put together social networking app, it focuses more on the monetary side of things rather than the socializing that is negatively affecting the experience. Skout is currently ranked No. 381 in the Top Free Apps, No. 319 in the Top Grossing Apps, No. 31 with the Free Social Networking apps and No. 16 in the Top Grossing Social Networking Apps.

Adweek recently posted information regarding Skout. For more information about the app you can follow this link:

Why Your Home Needs The Handy Professionals

Many people try to fit their cleaning into a schedule but find that this becomes overwhelming and takes away from time they would have otherwise spent with family and friends. One of the issues with forgoing your home’s cleaning is the fact that it can be uncomfortable to be living in a house that is dirty and it might even be unhealthy for the family who is living there with you.

Because of the problems that come with living in a dirty home, lots of people have been considering hiring maids and cleaning services to do the job for them. Hiring a maid might seem like it would be an expensive endeavor, but it can quite easily fit into your budget so long as you are hiring from the right company. The Handy company is one of the top cleaning service professional agencies that happens to be in the country. They employ maids and cleaning experts in all areas of the United States, allowing you to find someone professional who lives near to your home and who can come out regularly to provide the cleaning that you need.

The Handy professionals will also be affordable according to your budget. Before you make any decision, you will receive a quote for how much the work will cost you. This depends on whether you are using Handy for a one-time clean or if you are planning to utilize their services on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

You are also going to notice that Handy has both its own convenient website as well as an app that you are going to be able to use. The app makes it easy for you to schedule cleaning appointments at all times and ensure that you are getting the experts in when you need them the most. You can also create an account online and keep track of your cleaning schedule and even pay electronically for the services. In short, Handy takes the guesswork out of hiring a maid and it is very simple for you to have a gorgeous home without having to do all of the work yourself.

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