Bringing Change To The School System: Rocketship Education Blasts Students Above and Beyond

One of the biggest challenges facing youth in crumbling school districts – is the quality of education. Children do not have a choice as to where to attend school, they must frequent the location based on their zip code. Excellent schools are in the minority, the odds of having a great school, in an impoverished neighborhood is not good. It doesn’t exist. Kids aren’t guaranteed good parents, society cannot control that. Kids can be guaranteed a quality education though if it is important enough to state governments.

This is where Rocketship Education makes a difference, taking the school system and remodeling it, renovating the system, overhauling current structures.

Nationwide, the public elementary school district is in dismal condition, some states worse than others, the United States globally in comparison – is doing horribly.

A non-profit network of charters schools, constructed to target low-income neighborhoods – this is Rocketship Education.

Known as a transformative school, this charter school network seeks to inspire children and change lives in a meaningful way, through the Rocketship platform.

Besides the elementary school education, teachers and parental bonds are strengthened.

Rocketship was developed by two business man, seeking to create a new school model, one a software engineer, the other a principal.

The flagship location is San Jose, Ca. There are Rocketship schools in twelve locations:

  • Bay Area, CA
  • Nashville, TN
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Washington, D.C.

Currently, there are approximately 8000 students matriculated into the Rocketship system. The demographic data reveals that 85% of the children enrolled at Rocketship are low-income.

The model revolves around a non-traditional and well-rounded educational model. This system adjusts to the needs of the child individually. Some traditional elements are used, interactive tutoring and technology have the kids participating.

The philosophy of Rocketship is with the success of the parent. If the parent is interested and engaged with the program, this increases the achievement potential for the children.