Adam Goldenberg Provides Explanation of New Branding Concept

In mid-August 2016, JustFab Inc. announced the parent company name was changed to TechStyle Fashion Group. Adam Goldenberg, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer provided an explanation of the new branding concept to Business Insider. When the company was founded in 2010, the only brand was JustFab offered by the parent company, JustFab Inc. Since then, the company has received enormous growth by acquiring more brands, including Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and FL2. After five years in the start-up process at, Adam and partner, Don Ressler strategized to perfect customer service and create a distinguished name.

Adam Goldenberg told Business Insider JustFab Inc. changed over the years into a “powerful brand-building online business driven by data and personalization.” He said TechStyle Fashion identifies the heart of what the parent company has become. Now that company has other brands besides JustFab, it was time for transformation of the company as a whole. Before the name change, JustFab Inc. had transformed customer service by reducing customer complaints, creating visibility of disclosures on the website of membership program, and developing online cancellation processes on TechStyle received a complete makeover with its branding strategies, enhancement of customer service, and redevelopment of website.

Adam Goldenberg brings years of expertise in information technology and website building. Adam Goldenberg’s first business accomplishment started at an early age constructing a website and IT support for a St. Louis-based accounting firm. He applied his entrepreneurship and technology knowledge to co-establish digital retail, JustFab Inc. The new name, TechStyle fits the concept of technical marketing, software development, production, data, and personalization in the fashion industry.

TechStyle Fashion Group markets its brands in U.S, U.K., France, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and the Netherlands. Year after year the company generates over $600 million in net revenues from sale of merchandise and membership subscriptions. The online retailer has attracted more than 35 million subscription members worldwide. TechStyle’s brand, Fabletics recently celebrated its membership growth, reaching over one million subscribers.

The new brand identity represents the universal transformation of the fashion industry in the e-commerce world of technology. The concept makes it easier for online shoppers to receive stylish fashions at affordable costs. Adam Goldenberg is not only a successfully businessman, but a philanthropist, as well. He financially supports Dress for Success, Toys for Tots, and Orange County Susan G. Komen non-profit organizations. Goldenberg also sponsors programs, including Triple Step, Prom Project and Operation Gratitude.