Securus Technologies, Leading the Pack Via Technological Advancements

Securus Technologies is a company based in Dallas, Texas started in 1986. Since its humble beginnings, it’s managed to be a leader in inmate communications and financial services. The company provides calling, video calling, prepaid accounts and other ways for friends and family of the incarcerated to stay in touch. Through their technology, many have given Securus great praise not only for the services they provide but also for the monitoring they provide. This service assists both internally and externally for all those involved in the process. The company has also received accolades by being recognized for helping to resolve internal and external criminal matters, enabling crimes to be prosecuted that were once deemed as almost impossible.


The benefits that family members (of the incarcerated) receive from the services are great as well. Families are able to avoid costly and even wasted trips should an inmate have to reschedule a visit. The family also no longer has to pay for lodging, transportation, meals and other services while away from home. All factors taken into consideration families can cut their costs significantly. The monitoring services are also beneficial to internal investigations of employees and the inmates. Disputes can be reviewed by audio, video or both and provide a birds-eye view of any incidents that had occurred.


Having a strong customer service and satisfaction record is also enjoyed by Securus Technologies. They are typically able to resolve any inquiries over the telephone with only one call. They also receive high customer satisfaction ratings when measured. This is a notoriously difficult area, as there are emotions attached to the concerns. Being a leader in the inmate services field, Securus is always investing in new technology and setting themselves well ahead of the pack in this critically important industry.


What You Need to Know About Jason Hope’s Interests in Anti-aging Research

The SENS Foundation has always been on a mission to create a progressive biotechnology industry. Through the application of its damage-repair expertise, the institution is geared towards speeding drug development processes. The institution also organizes yearly Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conferences that feature biotech experts who speak on regenerative therapies for Parkinson’s and cancer disease.

Jason Hope, a serial entrepreneur, is celebrated as one of the donors and supporters of the SENS Foundation. In 2010, Hope’s $500,000 contribution enabled the institution to build and launch the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. His donation was also used to fund research on glycation in the human tissue. Hope, a resident of Arizona, is also a philanthropist and active supporter of regenerative therapies.

The acronym SENS stands for “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.” The SENS Foundation operates as a non-profit institution that relies on support from philanthropists, scientists, private individuals, and researchers. According to Jason Hope, non-profit organizations such as SENS Foundation are embracing new anti-aging therapies, and resume him.

Hope believes that SENS strives to find cures to diseases that speed up the process of aging by attacking the cells and tissues. He also believes that traditional treatments only focus on curing the diseases as soon as they happen. He is impressed by how SENS Foundation is ensuring that people do not suffer from diseases such as heart and lung disease.

About Jason Hope

Besides being a serial entrepreneur, Jason Hope is a prolific futurist. Being a futurist allows him to gauge the prevalence of technology in modern economic activities and make forecasts regarding the future use of technology. Hope’s predictions are usually centered on how the Internet will make things easier in the future. Individuals and enterprises that seek to capitalize on technological innovations in the present and future can use Hope’s predictions for guidance, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

Jason Hope is a holder of an undergraduate finance degree from the State University of Arizona. He has master’s in business administration from the Carey School of Business, which operates under the management of the State University of Arizona. Hope recently launched a grant program targeting young, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs, and

Jason Hope established the grant program because young entrepreneurs or students usually experience difficulty when turning a business idea into reality. Hope is certain that lack of finances and technical support are among the challenges that these young entrepreneurs face. Along with this lines, his grant program awards $500 to selected entrepreneurs to help them get a business idea off the ground, and his Facebook.

Tony Petrello Gives Hope To Those In Need Through Generous Donations

Having a family member diagnosed with a disease is hard. Having them diagnosed with a disease of which there is no outright cure is even harder. This is exactly what happened to the daughter of Tony Patrello when his daughter Carena was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia which was caused by her premature birth at only 24 weeks.

The disease causes Carena to have difficulty developing skills that children usually learn as they grow like eating solid food and walking. Tony and his wife Cynthia are dedicated to raising money to help researches better understand the disease so that their daughter may live a better life. Tony Patrello is both the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. Being the head of one of the most successful drilling companies in the world has allowed Patrello to make a personal donation of five million dollars to the effort and plans to make another two million dollar donation to the cause in the near future.

Through the battle of this disease with his family, Patrello has become a member of the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital. In this role, Tony can oversee personally the growth of the Neurological Research Institute which may very well someday have a breakthrough that allows children just like his daughter to follow their dreams and live a life not complicate by constant health concerns. In addition to his generous donation and planned donation, Tony Patrello and his wife are leading many other efforts to both raise awareness and raise money for research within the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. Patrello has a long history of giving generously to other worthy organizations such as the endowment in memory of Dr. Serge Lang who was a former professor of mathematics at Yale University. The professor was a role model and mentor while Tony Patrello attended Yale as an undergraduate. His initial gift of $150,000 was to be utilized by someone in the mathematics field to aid in advancing their work. If more people in the world were to be as generous as Tony Patrello, then we would quickly see better understanding of the many horrible diseases that have affected so many individuals and their loved ones. Tony Patrello graduated for Yale University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and later go on to receive his law degree from Harvard Law School.

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Kerrisdale Capital Management’s Chief Investment Officer and Founder Sahm Adrangi

Whenever Kerrisdale Capital Management is mentioned, Sahm Adrangi has to come to mind. Besides being the company’s founder, he is its Chief Investment Officer. Sahm launched the company in 2009 and has taken part in every aspect of its development. When launching Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm had under $1 million. Presently, his company manages more than $150 million yearly. Mr. Adrangi is renowned for publishing research and shares his company’s analysis on stocks including overhyped shorts as well as under-followed longs. Kerrisdale’s research is shared on Twitter, its website, and on third-party sites.

How Mr. Adrangi came to the Limelight

People came to know of Mr. Adrangi back in 2010 and 2011 when he exposed fraudulent Chinese companies, Lihua International, and China Marine Food Group and many others. Several of his targets including ChinaCast Education Corp were subjected to strict enforcement actions by the Commission of Securities and Exchange.

Although Kerrisdale‘s research is spread across various companies and industries, most recently, Sahm has decided to focus the company’s efforts to specific sectors including biotechnology. Kerrisdale also focuses on the mining sector where it has questioned market valuations as well as mining prospects of Northern Dynasty Minerals and First Majestic Silver. The company has also published a lot of reports on the telecommunications industry where it has shared incredulous views on ViaSat Inc., Dish Network, and Globalstar.

Besides publishing research, Sahm assumed the role of an activist in various investments. For instance, back in 2013, Mr. Adrangi worked together with Lindsay Corporation management in an effort to optimize capital allocation policies and cash deployment of the company. In 2014, he helped replace Morgans Hotel Group’s directors.

Sahm began his career at Deutsche Bank. He also worked at Chanin Capital Partners before spending several years at Longacre Management. He studied at Yale University where he obtained his BA in Economics. Adrangi has spoken at several conferences such as the Activist Investor Conference, the Sohn Conference, and Value Investing Conference. Moreover, Sahm has appeared on numerous interviews on Bloomberg and CNBC. He has also been featured in several publications, including the New York Times and the BusinessWeek.

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Republican Philanthropist who is now the Secretary for Education, Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is USA’s 11th secretary of Education. She has been involved in education matters for more than 30 years, and she mainly focuses her attention on small children and help the voiceless parents who are peasants in farms and do not get enough. The parents are helped in that she clarifies their predicaments to the top leadership who can then act swiftly to save the situations from getting worse. She is so happy when children get to have quality education in the states.


During her childhood years, she used to be next to her mother who often encouraged her to pursue education, be a teacher like her and make sure that school is the best for the people. Betsy DeVos worked for children who lacked mentors in the Grand Rapids area in Michigan. She graduated from Calvin College Michigan with a BA degree.


In her career, Betsy DeVos has continuously shown how she is a good leader. The places that she has gone and worked in has been left better than she found, she is a reformer in short. With her husband, Dick DeVos, they have stepped up the level of education in various institutions. Dick wanted to be the governor of Michigan, and he ran in the Republican Party.


They together have helped needy kids get a proper education in enabling environments far from the strain. Betsy and Dick have helped Latino parents get their children to attend private school. They fund them since they are generous and philanthropic so low income-earning parents can be assisted.


Betsy started a foundation that took kids to private schools, and the parents could choose the school that they preferred. The sponsorship was not going to be enjoyed by all needy kids, but just a few and this was no fair in the eyes of Betsy DeVos, something needed to be done to solve this.


She then became a board member in two charitable firms and saw it as an avenue to help. The Organizations are the Children First America and the American Education Reform Council that enable children to choose from the schools that they wish to join. They use vouchers and tax credits. Michigan education reforms came about because of her efforts. There was an expansion of charter schools, and she then managed to form the Great Lakes Education Project.


Great Lake Education Project made her connect with the American Federation for Children in which she is the Chairlady. It was started by the late John Watson and changed names to All Children Matter. People with the same goal helped her in the organization by assisting parents to know the importance of good education.


The American Federation for Children Action Fund puts the ahead education of school going children. The members have been continuously funding the organization to keep children learning.


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