JHFS Has Continued To Command the Real Estate Industry under the Keen Watch of Jose Auriemo Neto

A discussion about the real estate in Brazil would not be complete without the mention of JHSF. It is one of the most innovative companies in the field. The firm concentrates on development and management of residential and real estate commercial properties. These services are executed in four business units namely Malls, Incorporations, Hotels and Restaurants Fasano, and an Executive Airport. JHSF is headquartered in Sao Paulo, with operations in Salvador and Manaus. It also enjoys an international presence in the United States and the United Kingdom.


JHFS has 45 years’ cumulative experience in the real estate business. Its innovation capabilities are second to none. It is well known for spotting new opportunities in the market. In the recent past, JHSF has identified areas with recurring income as the most profitable. This realization led the firm to invest more in shopping malls management. Some of the shopping malls managed by the firm include Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo, Bela Vista in Salvador Catarina, Fashion outlet in Sao Roque, and Ponta Negra in Manaus. JHFS was the first real estate company in Brazil to start hotel operations. This move was after the firm acquired a stake in the Fasano Hotels. JHSF has in the recent years set its eyes on other operations that complement the real estate industry. Through its subsidiary company, Sustenta Energia, it supplies energy to the real estate sector. This energy is supplied at a subsidized rate from the normal market rate. Services in this company include energy management, asset leasing, and strategic support. Another JHFS’s branch is Sustenta Telecom that focuses on the shopping malls and corporations divisions. It provides communication services to these segments.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto portrayed his business capabilities early in life. He opened his first company at only 17. This capability continued to manifest when he joined JHFS in 1993. He led the company to invest in the services industry by creating a parking lot management company, Parkbem, in 1997. He has since led the company to engage in strategic partnerships. Jose Auriemo Neto attended the well-established Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo. He studied engineering at the institution to learn more http://www.guiainvest.com.br/mural/jhsf3.aspx click here.

The Secret Behind Capital Group’s Success

The success of capital group has received global recognition. Good leadership and management is one of the reasons to this exemplary performance. Timothy Armour, the Chief Executive Officer at Capital group takes the credit for this overwhelming results. Timothy originates in Los Angeles in the United States of America and is popularly known as Tim. Timothy has worked with the capital group for over 30 years. He therefore holds a distinguished rank for his role as a CEO.

Timothy Armour is an economist by profession. He concentrated in economic studies while in Middlebury College. Later Timothy joined Amherst College where he received BA in political science. Additionally, Timothy enrolled in Massachusetts University where he pursued MA in political science. Besides Timothy later Joined Harvard University where he graduated with MBA. This rich academic foundation has been the solid core to his career competence and Timothy on Facebook.

Timothy commenced his career at Capital Group as an Associate program participant. He later served as the principal executive officer at Capital Research and Management Company. Capital group is certainly considered the home of American Funds. It is equally ranked among the top investment management firms. With the oversight of its board of directors, Timothy became the chairman of the Capital group back in 1994. With over 84 years of service, Capital Group has duly achieved impressive results in service delivery and learn more about Timothy.

Capital group partnered with Samsung Company. The partnership sought to co-operate and develop active investment strategies. This partnership particularly targeted retail and institutional investors in Korea. In the light of this, Timothy was exceedingly pleased that the fundamental perspective of co-designing Korean investment solutions finally became a reality. On the other hand, Samsung CEO was optimistic that through this partnership, his firm would result in active equity investment thereupon.

In a nutshell, Timothy Armour has actively contributed to the success of Capital Group, which now has assets worth $1.4 trillion. As the chief executive officer, he has realized high rates of investment growth. Capital Group now serves the international market with a range of services including investment and private equity and more information click here.

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Talos Energy Sinks A New Offshore Oil Well In The Sureste Basin

The last time a private company sunk an oil well in Mexico was eighty years ago. The new offshore well is an attempt to bring foreign competitors into the energy markets. Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas along with Talos Energy LLC and Premier Oil Plc have joined forces to start the drilling of the well. The only offshore explorations since 1938 have been launched by state run monopolies. This was when Mexico nationalized their oil industry.

The location of the new well is in the Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco and the estimation on the barrels of crude it contains are from 100 to 500 million. The estimated drilling time required is ninety days with an expected cost of $16 million. The three companies were given prospecting rights in 2015 when Mexico opened their first round of bidding to private investments.

The well is significant since it is the first since the Mexican waters have been opened due to the new reform process of the country. The oil industry will be keeping close tabs on this particular well. The basins structure indicates a high geological rate of success. As the operator, Talos has a 35% stake, Sierra 40% and Premier 25%.

Talos Energy is based in Houston, Texas and is a privately held oil and gas company. They have acquired Energy Resource Technology which is a subsidiary of Helix Energy. The company is located in the gulf of Mexico and was purchased for $620 million. They average 16,155 barrels of oil each day.

Talos Energy is a portfolio company and affiliated with Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management. Talos Energy has $600 million in equity that was committed in February of 2012. Talos Energy is classified as a private upstream company specializing in both gas and oil. They place their main focus on exploring and acquiring gas and oil properties located on the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast.

Apollo Global Management, Talos Management and Riverstone Holdings LLC are the main backers for Talos Energy. Their backing comes from investment funds associated with the companies.

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Duda Melzer Leading RBS to Greater Heights

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, more commonly referred to as Duda, is a famous Brazilian business mogul. To say that his career has been fruitful would be an understatement. Duda holds a Business Administration degree from a renowned university in Brazil and an MBA from Harvard Business School. His career in finance began in 2002 when he was appointed financial analyst at a company known as Delphi Group based in North America. He worked with a few other firms in America before moving back to Brazil in 2004.

Duda Melzer joined RBS in 2004. His commitment and hard work saw him rise through the ranks quickly, and in 2012, he became the group’s chairman. He has also been the chairman of RBS’s board of directors since 2015, and the company is doing exceptionally well under his excellent leadership. The group is among the communication industry leaders in Brazil. RBS is a family-owned business. It was founded by Duda’s grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. Running a family business comes with numerous challenges and many such entities have collapsed due to poor management and family wrangles among other issues. However, RBS has been able to defy the odds, thanks to its excellent leadership right from its establishment. Eduardo’s hard work has not gone unnoticed as he has won several awards over the course of his career, including the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Award presented to him by Ernst and Young. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Duda Melzer is disciplined and committed to excellence, perhaps the reason why RBS has recorded such great performance during his tenure.Besides being the group’s chair and the chairman of the board, Duda is also the founder and chairman of e.Bricks Digital, a subsidiary of RBS. Juggling the responsibilities that come with all these positions is no mean feat, but Duda has been able to do a great job in all his roles at the company. In his free time, Duda enjoys taking part in sports and spending time with his family.

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Bruce Bent II: A World Class Business Person

Bruce R. Bent II is an established entrepreneur who is serving as the current vice-chairman to the Double Rock Corporation. The company deals with the incorporation of technology to simplify finances and cash management. Bruce is also the former president of the Reserve Management Company which was started by his father Mr. Bruce R. Bent together with his partner Henry Brown. Birthed in 1970, it was the very first money market fund in the World.

Bruce Bent II is most known for his amazing inventions in the field of short-term asset management. He is the successful owner of over sixty patents which are all privately owned. Before 2008 when Bent stopped working with the Reserve Management Company, it was through Bruce’s able hands that the company increased in net worth from $4 billion to over $130 billion, making it the second largest money market fund worldwide. All this he accomplished in a record time of seventeen years. Given the lots of positive reviews and recommendations, his business empire is growing every single day that passes.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from Northeastern University, Bent has featured a couple of times in some of the top publications including the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times as a World-class business leader. Most notable is the fact that Bent has been a member of more than a dozen executive positions in all sorts of institutions bringing to light his great leadership qualities. Bent is also involved in other entrepreneurial ventures including pharmaceuticals and business consulting, and the list just keeps on growing.

When it comes to the social side of his life, Bruce is an active nature lover and conservationist. He was once a board member in the Scenic Hudson, which is an environmental organization founded to conserve the Hudson River.

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Mike Heiligenstein’s Brilliancy in Solving Road Traffic

Mike Heiligenstein has been working at Central Texas Regional Authority as the executive director since 2003. He studied at the University of Texas and did his Master’s Degrees in Business Administration and Government. His career debuted at Round Rock City as a member, and there after, he served as county commissioner of Williamson. He has also served as the president of the International Bridge after being selected by national peers in 2014. Mike serves Texas A&M Transportation Institute as the member of the Advisory. He is currently the member of Texas Department Transportation. His focus areas have been on infrastructure projects such as the development of the Bushy Creek Regional Trail, transportation, and large parkland acquisition.


While being interviewed on transportation forum at Texas Department, Mr.Heiligenstein was told to comment on State Highway 130 which was being rated downwards because of lack of traffic. He said that SH 130 is meant to make drivers change travel behavior, add capacity, and also to make roads multi-modal. He also stated that poor financial performance and the poor economy wouldn’t affect toll roads since they are the only solution that has helped in reducing congestion. Mike also gave an example of how in Austin they have constructed a road that has cost over $1 billion and the money from user revenue and tax dollars was not used at all.


Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority works as an independent government agency which was formed in 2002 with a goal of improving Travis and Williamson counties transport system. Their mission is to come up with carefully planned projects that will ensure that the transport systems’ mobility is diverse and it is able to improve economy and quality of life. Mobility Authority is authorized under Texas Transportation Code Chapter 370 to develop services in transport system like in seaports, airports, roadways and transit. They are also authorized to give out revenue bond which helps in funding the projects.


Mike Heiligenstein leadership in the authority has helped the company to grow immensely. This is because he has seen that the agency’s first project which was 183A in Williamson County was started with a clear objective. He made sure that that project was the first one to transition to cashless toll collection system which was electronic. The company has also succeeded in opening the Manor Expressway project. Mike Heiligenstein has also ensured that Mobility Authority is partnering with other regional transportation entities to do research at Central Texas on planned expressways.


The Importance of Preventive Health Screenings

Health screenings are affordable and great at detecting diseases and risk factors for developing a disease. When people get screened, this is a great way of detection early on and a way of starting treatment of the disease before it progresses. It is a way to educate patients about their risk factors and how to correct them before they become a problem. There is no age limit set on when preventive health screenings should be done because many health conditions do not cause symptoms until they have progressed into a critical state. Depending upon an individual’s health history, screenings can begin as early as 40. But with someone that has no family history of strokes, heart attacks, or diabetes, screenings are done at the age of 50.

Life Line Screening has been offering preventive health screenings since 1993. Their service network is nationwide and has currently screened millions of patients every year. There are three types of health screenings they provide. An EKG, an ultrasound, and a finger-stick blood screening. Each one of these techniques provide affordable, reliable results within minutes of being performed.The reason Life Line Screening is a good service to utilize is that if a person isn’t experiencing anything, then their physician will not check the items that Life Line will. Insurance companies will not pay for test if a person is not having issues.

But with Life Line, these test can be performed at an affordable price and then the individuals doctors can review the results.If the results point out potential risk or health condition, then the individual’s doctor can order the appropriate diagnostic test to further investigate the original findings. Insurance typically covers tests and procedures if there are findings that warrant the test.Insurance will reimburse the individual depending on the type of health insurance coverage. All that needs to be done is send a receipt along with the results so insurance can verify your coverage and see if reimbursement is needed. You can also watch Health related video: Here.


Understanding the Teachings of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a discipline and school of thought, which originated from Judaism. It may be defined in different ways. The definition varies according to the follower’s traditions, which emanates from religious roots, new age Christian and adaptations of Occultist syncretism. Kabbalah entails a set of esoteric teachings that seek to explain the connection between the eternal unchanging and mysterious EinSof, which is infinity and God’s creation. Despite the pious use of the Kabbalah system, it is not a religious denomination. This system aims at explaining the nature and purpose of human being’s existence besides the importance of the universe and other related questions. Originating from the Jewish tradition, Kabbalists use ancient Jewish sources to demonstrate its teachings.

These teachings help Judaism followers to explain the importance of observing the Jewish religion. In addition, they help in defining the Hebrew Bible, the rabbinic literature and their initially transmitted dimension that were concealed. It is believed that Kabbalah existed, between 12th and 13th century in Spain and Southern France, before all religions of the world. Historically, prophets, sages and patriarchs transmitted Kabbalah teachings orally. They were later transformed into Jewish religious writings and learn more about Kabbalah Centre.

The Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is an organization that seeks to shed more light on Kabbalah teachings. Through the center, students learn how to practice the teachings in their everyday lives. Rav Yehuda Ashlag established the non-profit organization in 1922. Two of Rav’s sons were mandated with the duty of running the center after his demise. Currently, it has locations in over 40 cities as well as an active online presence. The center has teachers who provide learners with spiritual materials based on the principles of Kabbalah. These materials help students to improve their personal lives and the world at large.

Since there are different meanings of Kabbalah, the Kabbalah Centre embraces all the definitions in the world. At the centre, the school of thought is taught as the universal wisdom that presages religion or the Bible. The centre provides learners with courses, books, online lectures, classes and audio materials that explain the origin of the creation as well as the spiritual and physical laws of the universe. It provides practical tools that aim at bringing joy and a permanent fulfillment to an individual and more information click here.