White Shark Media- Your Easy Way to Reach Business Goals

White Shark Media is a leading light when it comes to the digital marketing world. It is a digital marketing agency that offers online marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses. White Shark Media was founded in 2011 by three brilliant entrepreneurs.

Armed with their entrepreneurship skills and experience in both offline and digital marketing, they were set to overcome challenges that impacted the SMB market and focus on its growth in United States and Latin America.

Their winning principle was to offer an exceptional product and service that no other entrepreneur could promise. They combined an offshore and domestic presence with the help of capable and talented workers who would reach receptive audience of any nature through outstanding communication skills.

According to their Twitter profile, White Shark Media Review team is known for providing affordable search marketing products and services, a testimony many clients can attest to due to the world-class customer experience at disposal.

As the best digital marketing agency, White Shark Media has helped thousands of companies across America develop and grow by utilizing its online marketing strategies and proprietary marketing platforms.

The other key facet that has helped this agency shine in the competitive market is keeping an open eye on all customers’ marketing efforts. Through Google Analytics integration, keyword-level call tracking, proprietary reporting software and competitive intelligence, White Shark Media has satisfied its clientele base on monthly basis. Read more: Accredited Professional company profile: White Shark Media and White Shark Media – Google+

Consistency and willingness to serve customers has seen White Shark Media become one of the leading 29 Google AdWords Premier SMB providers in the United States. Its presence in the digital marketing world could not go unnoticed as Google (A multinational company that specializes in Internet related services and products) came calling in 2012.

Google identified its growth and selected a team of experts to power its growth in the digital market and satisfy the growing customer base.

This undertaking was successful as White Shark Media was bestowed the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership in July 2014, a privilege experienced by only a few digital marketing agencies. Microsoft also recognized White Shark Media online presence and its diverse customer base and the selective Bing Ads Authorized Reseller Program came to existence.

Clients eager to grow their small businesses should worry not. White Shark Media Review team is dedicated and enthusiastic to help them grow their small businesses. Customers can enjoy affordable and reliable marketing services from experienced and talented experts in digital marketing.

An Evaluation of Labaton Sucharow SEC Whistleblower Attorney Program

The passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has gone a long way in reining in on shady players within the financial services industry. This legislation mainly focuses on providing various levels of protection to individuals who report possible financial desecrations to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The legislation similarly paved way to the institution of whistleblower protection programs, which shield informants from any form of retaliation.

Labaton Sucharow was applauded for being the first legal practice to set up a whistleblower protection program. This division solely focuses on ensuring that the well-being of whistleblowers is guaranteed. The firm’s whistleblower program has largely been built on the success that its litigation programs have had. Labaton Sucharow ensured that the program is well staffed. It boasts the service of financial experts, forensic accountants and private investigators. The expertise of these professionals goes a long way in helping the firm to unravel the truth behind the disclosures that are made by its clients.

Whistleblowers’ Safety

This is the core objective of every Labaton Sucharow SEC whistleblower lawyer. The firm ensures that clients who report violations to the SEC through it, are offered air-tight protection against any form of retaliation from those who are named in the reports. Insiders are often willing to come forward and report violations. However, many fear being subjected to retaliatory actions. To guarantee the safety of informants, Labaton Sucharow has put in place measures that enable them to secretly report violations without having their identities disclosed.

Whenever a disclosure is made, the SEC often makes a follow-up to determine whether violations were committed or not. Since the Dodd Frank Consumer Protection Act was enacted, more informants have made reports to the SEC because their safety is guaranteed. This has paved way for a major cleanup of the financial services industry. The program has been hugely successful. Informants no longer have to worry about their personal safety and that of their families when they report irregularities.

Financial Incentives

The SEC offers financial rewards to whistleblowers whose disclosure leads to a productive enforcement action. According to the act, whistleblowers qualify for a reward of ten to twenty percent of all monies that are recovered as a result of an enforcement action. Labaton Sucharow’s team of qualified legal experts often vouch for maximum rewards for clients. Recently, a client represented by a Labaton Sucharow SEC whistleblower attorney was awarded 17 million dollars. This represents one of the largest rewards to have ever been made by the SEC. It proves how dedicated the firm is to its clients.


The Outstanding Wessex Institute Of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is an institution that offers science and engineering research. It was founded in 1986 by Professor Carlos Blebbia, the originator of Boundary Elementary Method. Its main aim is to offer a platform for transfer of information between professional users within the industry and academics. The institute offers development programs, publications and organizes annual meetings. The meetings cover fields such as engineering, physical science, finance and ecology among others. Annual meeting programs involve conferences, short courses and seminars. Wessex Institute of Technology’s international conferences are held in distinct venues around the world. The meetings serve the international scientific community and are a platform for paper presentations.

WIT offers graduate programs in collaboration with other academic institutions in both Masters and Doctoral levels. It boasts of a substantial number of Ph.Ds that have been awarded. It provides a link between research and industrial needs. WIT offers specialist research in fluid mechanics, industrial research, environmental modeling, damage mechanics and information communication technology. There are software services where researchers continue to develop and maintain the Boundary Element Analysis System that provides services to mechanical, aerospace, automotive, offshore and naval. The system also offers specialized applications in electromagnetic, fracture mechanics and biomedicine.

Wikipedia mentions that Wessex Institute of Technology has a publishing arm that produces books, monographs and edited works, and publishes papers. The institute is supported by research and industrial organizations, Wessex Institute Foundation and projects and contracts from industries. Over the years, it has had researchers who now work in the best Universities as Full Professors. It welcomes scholars, visiting professors and senior academics who later collaborate with the Institute as Alumni to ensure the success of the institute’s activities. WIT also has an office based in Boston Massachusetts that enhances the links between the research community in Canada and the US and the Institute. The office helps in selling WIT publications and promoting the use of boundary elements in the industry.

WIT’s attractive location at New Forest National Park England makes it an ideal place for conferences, seminars and courses. It offers accommodation in the cottages and the main building. Lectures are held in the Chubut building and the Fairbairn Lecture Hall. There are primary and secondary schools as well as Universities nearby and in the neighboring cities. Visit their Linkedin page to learn more.

Wen by Chaz Gave Me Lovely Hair

My hair is quite oily, which gives it a flat quality that’s almost impossible to style. The whole situation has given me a lot of frustration over the years, but I’ve pretty much been resigned to having hair that’s less than lustrous. I’d pretty much given up on finding anything that would improve the feel of my hair, but then i heard about a Sephora endorsed hairstyle product line called WEN hair by Chaz and I decided to give it a try.
Wen by Chaz Dean is an all-natural product line of shampoo and conditioners (all-in-one) that have brought great results for some women. Chaz developed the products in response to the many requests he had from his salon clients for really good hair care products that were natural.

I got from Amazon the Sweet Almond Mint shampoo and it smells fantastic. I tried it for a week (see bustle.com for my review of it) and within days my hair improved. I started getting compliments, too. I kept washing my hair every day, with a palmful of the product, and by the end of the week my hair was silky, light and smooth. Amazing!! Visit WEN Hair Care profile page on Facebook.

I love these results so much I’m going continue using Wen hair by Chaz. I love my hair, for the first time ever!

Wen hair FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html

WEN Hair Care products are also available at eBay.

Education For Life Improvement

The Kabbala Centre specializes in helping others improve their lives by incorporating knowledge that’s derived from Jewish texts. They have locations throughout the world and a free or low cost university.

This unique idea was originally conceived Philip and Karen Berg. Now it’s a nonprofit organization that’s on an international level. The Kabbalah Centre offers classes on the internet and in classrooms. The classes are to help improve the lives of the students rather than to prepare them for a particular occupation. However, some career fields can benefit from it’s graduates.

A Universal Perspective

The Kabbalah Centre considers the teachings of the Kabbalah as being a branch of the many other religious teachings that are known. Many of their students don’t come from a Jewish family, or are converts to the Jewish faith.

Special Interpretations

The special interpretations they give to scriptures play a role in their universal perspective. The two factors combined enable them to use the Kabbalah as a tool to help the lives of those who they can teach. Not every member of the Jewish community agrees with their perspective, but many do and their goal is to help as many as they can, regardless of their religious preferences.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches that people can only perceive one percent of reality by using their five senses. That leaves 99 percent of reality as unknown, or that it can only known in abstract ways.

They hold the belief that God is incomprehensible to us. They believe that it’s best that we try to gain an essence of God rather than trying to know Him in a more direct way. They refer to God’s essence as “the light”.

They believe that some passages in the Bible are historic fact , while other passages are a code for our lives and for the many things that we can’t see.

An Helpful Community

It’s easy to sign up for classes online for free. Only small fees are charged for other classes. Online and on location, their members are embraced by a community of teachers and students with a common interest. The Kabbalah Centre has been known to help others outside of their organization as well as those that are members of it. Visit the Kabbalah Centre’s website to learn more about their locations and events.

Deere urged Women In Business To Stay True to Themselves When Chasing Their Dreams

Doe Deere talks in depth about making your dreams come true, as she is somewhat an expert on that topic. Her brand Lime Crime exists today because of her childhood dreams. At first, she wanted to be a musician. But after she opened her first business in Russia at the tender age of 13, she knew she wanted to become an entrepreneur. Even back then, her business stood for one consistent motivating message: Be true to yourself and your dreams will come true.

She sought to sell temporary tattoos, at a time when they were just novelties. In order to get the other kids to cultivate the interest and desire of the other students in order to get them to buy them from her, she wore temporary tattoos on her body around the school. This display of something old yet new showed the other kids that wearing them was acceptable. Once the temporary tattoos were viewed by the other students as cool, they became popularized, and Deere became a business owner. That experience gave her the confidence in which she would tap into later on to create Lime Crime.

Ina addition to her early-age entrepreneurship endeavors, Doe Deere experiences as a musician also taught her business related lessons. Concepts such as marketing and managing a career are all relevant and universal aspects of business that she comprehended during her youthful explorations. But once she tapped into her passion for cosmetics, her entrepreneurial spirits combined with her ambitions and her business began operating at high gear from the start.

Once again, Doe Deere focused one being true to herself when she created bold and intense colored lipsticks and eyeshadows, at a time when all-natural tones were the latests style. Going against the grain yet again, Deere created a cosmetic brand with global reach by tapping into her true self in order to pursue her dreams. That is why being true to yourself is her message that she offers to to young women who aspire to be an entrepreneur like her.

Lime Crime as a cosmetic brand is not the end of the line for Deere. Since we express ourselves through the objects that we place on our body, fashion and makeup go hand in hand. Deere has prepared for the longevity of her brand because she majored in fashion design at FIT in New York, and plans to add other lines to her brand such as accessories and clothing. These additions not only add to the company’s size and reputation, but it serves as an example of how to expand upon a dream-based business beyond infinite possibilities.

Doe Deere thinks of her brand as more than just a cosmetic line. She considers it to be a symbol of hope and the freedom of self-expression without fear of repercussions. Deere works to inspire other women not only by leading by example, but by allowing her ambition to represent a principle that is simple but easy ignored.

Learn more: https://websta.me/n/doedeere

Brian Bonar is Honored for his Exceptional Leadership in the Financial Sector

On July 21, 2010, the PRNewswire reported about the recognition of CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar, as the 2010/2011 Executive of the Year in the Finance category. This was such an honor since the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry only recognizes two females and two males in each category or discipline. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

The Cambridge Who’s Who selection team or committee undertakes the process of deciding the preferable honorees for each discipline. Mainly, this is based on various factors or qualification qualities such as leadership abilities, academic achievements, as well as professional accomplishments.

According to MG2, Brian Bonar boasts of about thirty years of professional executive experience in the finance industry. This unique level of experience has catapulted Brian Bonar into his current position at Dalrada Financial Corporation. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.spokeo.com/Brian-Bonar

He has held the chairperson and CEO position at Dalrada for more than a decade. In this post, Bonar is in charge of a myriad of after products as well as employee and employer benefits.

Dalrada Financial Corporation

Dalrada operates as a Marketing Liaison that supplies a broad range of employee programs that promote business efficiency. The employee programs constitute of risk management insurance (consisting of business liability and workers compensation), promotional financial management, employee benefits as well as promotional and business management services.

Apart from his executive role at Dalrada, Bonar serves as the CEO and Chairman of other companies like Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. and Trucept. He also oversees the operations of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. where he acts as the President.

Brian Bonar’s Experience and Early Life

Brian Bonar is an accomplished entrepreneur and business personality with an unprecedented level of experience in business leadership. Though Bonar is highly successful in business, his academic record comprises of technical knowledge.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Technical Engineering, which he received from the James Watt Technical College. Further, he is an alumnus of the Stafford University where he received Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Currently, he is a proud holder of a Ph.D. and boasts of professional affiliation with entities or organizations such as the American Finance Association.

Before becoming the current Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Trucept as well as Dalrada Financial Services, he served as a procurement manager at IBM. Later Brian Bonar worked for QMS as the Director of Engineering and was in charge of about a hundred hardware and software development engineers.

In September 1993, he joined Adaptec as the Sales Manager whereby he was tasked with creating partnerships with Korean and Japanese printer manufacturers.

Upon leaving Adaptec, he founded his venture, Bezier System, which launched the first of its kind SCSI based printer. This would be followed by other roles in various companies such as ITEC Imaging Technologies, Allegiant Professional Business Services, and AMS Outsourcing before taking up his current role.

Darius Fisher Earns Prestigious Award

Darius Fisher graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University. After his graduation, Darius went to on to work as a political consultant and later as a copywriter. Darius launched Status Labs four years ago in Austin, Texas. It was not long after that the company grow to thirty employees, and expanded out to three other offices.

Darius Fisher is currently the President and Co-founder of Status Labs. This year Darius has also earned the prestigious PR World Awards ‘Business Development Individual of the Award’. Over the years he created and built this strategic company, built numerous partnerships, and has recruited many domestic and international sales.

The winners of the PR World Award were honored in San Francisco on June 27th, 2016. The PR World Awards is the world’s premier public relations and corporate marketing awards programs. This award program chooses to honor the world’s best from every major industry. These awards were created to honor and recognize professionals and departments that have made great achievements in marketing, communications, or investor relations.

Status Labs which is an international online reputation management, public relations, and digital marketing firm, has locations in Austin, NewYork and Sao Paulo. They strive to help their clients look their absolute best in search results and also help them build their reputation using various digital marketing and PR strategies. Under the leadership of Darius, there has been a large revenue of growth for Status Labs in only three years.

Over the years, he has improved Status Labs’ market position. Darius did this by creating some new digital service offers and building a world-class client base which includes many Fortune 500 companies as well as a few public figures from all around the world. With his long-term strategic planning and goal setting as well as his sales team management skills, he has been able to create an outstanding public relations management firm, that is currently a leading innovator in the public relations industry.

How To Throw A Dazzling Party

Prepared to design a stress-free, fun themed, and enjoyable party, Lauren Conrad has taken up business as a party planner for home celebrations. She is taking her experience from the fashion world, publishing business, and social media to help find the best ways to make a party everyone can enjoy. http://www.redbookmag.com/food-recipes/entertaining/news/a44678/lauren-conrad-party-planning-entertaining/

Conrad’s focus is that hosts need to shy away from aiming for perfection. She notes that, “anything that looks too put-together is too fussy for me. If it feels fussy, then people might not be comfortable. A successful party is about comfort and making people feel welcome.” This tip has partially come from her time spent with her husband, William Tell. While Tell is not a fan of overly sophisticated and difficult themes for parties, Conrad still enjoys throwing themed parties. Due to this, Conrad learned how to work with easier themes that both her guests and herself enjoyed, such as birthday hoedowns with cutoffs and plaid shirts.

With party planning on the rise, Twenty Three Layers, an event planning and design firm, has worked hard at planning the greatest parties for a variety of events. The professional team specializes in both business and personal functions, which they aim to surpass all dreams of for the event. In addition to a unique and gorgeous event, Twenty Three Layers also helps relieve hosts of their stress by taking the load off when party planning.

Twenty Three Layers holds coveted positions as even planners for the majority of their clientele. The company strives to provide their top notch services while creating powerful relationships with their customers. Each event is special and unique to the company, and the team of professionals want each customer to know how important their event is to the company.

Style and Comfort Join Forces in Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Athleisure Wear

Actress and busy mom Kate Hudson, daughter of legendary actress Goldie Hawn, co-founded the Fabletics line of activewear in October of 2013. She and her partners, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, saw a need for high quality activewear at an affordable price point, and that is how Fabletics was born. Today, Hudson and her team have brick and mortar stores in ten states, as well as a strong presence online.

In April of 2016, Hudson rewrote the rules of fashion when she dropped Fabletics performance wear dresses and bikinis, bringing style and comfort together in one gloriously subtle package. When interviewed by MarieClaire.com about her new line, Hudson called the addition of dresses “a natural progression. We’re taking the active girl, taking her out on the town, and keeping her casual!”https://www.facebook.com/Fabletics/

Hudson says the line of dresses can be worn on a date night, in the office, to dinner with friends, or anywhere! The ease and comfort of wearing the dresses is her main focus. Some styles of dresses from Fabletics, such as the Tropez dress, even have a bra built right in for maximum comfort and ease of movement.

The Fabletics swimwear line is inspired by the same idea of comfort meeting style, so that wearers can swim, play beach volleyball, do cannonballs, and generally have a blast at the pool or beach without worrying about a bikini top coming off during an ill-fated splash. Fabletics is all about staying active, stylish, and comfortable no matter where you are or what you’re doing – or, as Hudson puts it, “We want people to feel like they’re protected in our clothes.”

The best part is that Fabletics offers high quality material for an affordable price. You can start shopping for Fabletics dresses, activewear, and swimwear at http://mic.com/articles/129371/fabletics-commercial-takes-a-big-swipe-at-lululemon#.aSDV0xj7t and show your beach squad while you’re at it!