Is It Dinner Or Dog Food? The Blurred Line Between K-9 And Human Cuisine

Health food has literally gone to the dogs lately in the dog food industry. As the steam and smoke roll from the chimney of the Freshpet factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, gourmet K-9 food is rolling off of the line and being prepared for distribution. The intimate level of dedication here is compelling. So much so, that the testers will literally eat their work to test it’s consistency. Richard Thompson, CEO of Freshpet, does this on a regular basis to assure quality standards. Talk about being dedicated. This type of trend is catching on so fast in the pet food industry that it’s difficult to call it a ‘trend’ at this point.

Less and less do you see preservatives being used which means the sales need to stay steady and flowing or food goes, well… to the dogs. This is good for pets and keeps owners like Thompson on their toes as well. For more on Freshpet from The Daily Herald, click the link here.

Another company arrow focused on quality and fresh flavor is Beneful. Purinastore Beneful brand’s new prepared meals for dogs are every bit as meaty and delicious as the real thing in most cases. With the cuts of beef, chicken, pork and lamb that add the taste and proteins that your furry companion craves. Beneful meals have the right balance of carbs, minerals, vitamins and nutrition that will keep you best pal running and playing strong for years to come. The Beneful company has come a very long way since it’s inception and is constantly focused on the best nutrition for the fairest prices.

Now it’s easier than ever to find the very best for your pooch on their website. Folks don’t even have to leave the house anymore to make sure their dogs are eating well. This is a trend on facebook that is sure to end up being much more than that. After all, people care deeply for their pets. To say they are family sounds cliche` at this point in time, but it’s no less true. We love our pets like family. Period. Beneful is a company that knows this and it shows in what they deliver.



Marcio Alaor BMG Recap

The Consumer Electronics Show is a yearly event which is usually hosted in the month of January in the city of Las Vegas. The show has managed to reveal the future and present of technology for the past 40 years. Everything current and advanced is in there.

It has also been reported, the CES 2016 didn’t transform the world; instead it showed how the world was changing.

According to the executive of BMG Mr. Marico Alaor, the event which is capable of having your name translated into the Fair Consumer Electronics was this year headlining to a drone having a space for the passenger, cameras and the electronic cars attached to the daily objects which are capable of transforming the way we relate to the house.

The 184 drone Ehang

The major attractions duing the CES 2016 were the drones that Completely Damaged fully forcasted. However none of the drones has been as acclaimed as the Ehang 184. This drone has been specifically designed to be occupied by a passenger.

It provides us with the impression that the flying vehicles have arrived at last. It is not necessary a must that you fly it since it is a drone, you can also prep program the path and sit back.

Marcio Alaor BMG revealed that the drone Ehang 184 currently had a flight capacity of only 23 minutes and is capable of reaching a height of 3.5 km.

Marcio Alaor also revealed that the drone was currently manufacturing the Ehang, a Chinese company which is still working on the invention. The Chinese firm is planning to set up a center which will take command of the drone whenever there is need.

The Electronic Cars

The electronic vehicles were also a major attraction during the electronics fair and are currently the trend of the automotive department. According to Marico Alaor, the GM firm is the one which introduced the Chevrolet Bolt back in 2017 and it is predicted that the car will only be available for sale until the end of this year.

The Smart Home

Cameras connected to objects were also new and are attached to almost everything. For example, when you are at the grocery and don’t have a clue if there is any milk inside the refrigerator, the refrigerator is able to send you a photo of what’s inside it and help you in solving the problem.

About Marcio Alaor BMG

Marcio Alaor BMG sits at the BMG executive team. BMG is popularly known to be one of the major sponsors of the Brazilian football. Currently, BMG is printing uniforms of more than 39 different clubs.

The BMG mark usually appears of the chest and back and at times on the shirt sleeves. It also sponsors three volleyball teams, three basketball teams and gymnast Jade Barbosa.

From the Red Carpet to the Gym


The fashion world has taken on all types of shapes and sizes. Many women that see actresses and other entertainers on the red carpet are often awestruck. They want to know where they can find a knockoff dress. They want to know what these entertainers are wearings. They love to gawk and see these actresses in their fancy attire.

There is one actress, however, that has made it known – in a humorous way – that getting into some of those red carpet garments can be quite overwhelming. Former ABC “Alias” star Jennifer Garner talked about this experiment on the “Tonight with Jimmy Fallon” show. She joked about how someone came in to redirect her ribs as they placed her in a thong undergarment before they even starting putting the dress on.

Jennifer talked how she had muscle spasms when she was in the dress. She mentioned how lengthy the process was when she had to go to the bathroom. All of these were things that made the audience – along with Jimmy Fallon – laugh out loud, but that is often the pain that many celebrities go through to become red carpet worthy.

There is another actress, Kate Hudson, that knows about all that has to be done to fit into a dress on the red carpet. She puts a lot of time into working out in order to get into many of those dresses that she has been seen in. She is giving working class women that do not have specialists to put them into a dress will need to consider the workout regiment. Kate knows this, and that is why she has helped women by presenting Fabletics.

The Fabletics brand is part of the JustFab connection. It gives shoppers the chance to set up for subscription services where they can receive a different item of clothing each month. These customers are automatically billed with a card that is on file. People that sign up can get discounts, and they also get the chance to take a quiz and get a personalized boutique. This is somewhat reminiscent of the way that celebrities acquire their clothes. They have someone that picks things out based on what they like. This is what JustFab can do for lots of shoppers that sign up for subscription services.

Lots of women are shopping on a regular basis, but many women don’t know what to wear. JustFab is great for these women because there is some assistance when they sign up for the subscription program. That is why there are so many people that are waiting for the chance to sign up. This company provides a great way for consumers to enhance the wardrobe. `

Life of Helane Morrison

With the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, 2008 left many Americans shuddering at the near mention of any financial term. Words like hedge fund, investment and banking perhaps now should only be said in a low whisper. However, there is a new sheriff in town and she’s lassoing confidence back into the hearts of Americans.

Helane Morrison is her name. Like many, I found her story inspiring. She was a girl from Brooklyn who set out on a journey that would lead her across the country. Morrison’s education began by putting a BS Journalism from Northwestern under her belt. She continued to add to her arsenal by studying at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. It was at Berkeley that Morrison became the Editor-in-Chief of the university’s law review. 

Passing the bar and becoming a law clerk for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals was perhaps where this glass-ceiling breaking spirit began. At the 7th Circuit, Morrison worked with the esteemed Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun. Blackmun was no stranger for holding his ground even amid death threats and this perseverance and tenacity undoubtedly fed her fierce female fire.

Working at a law firm, Morrison defended private securities and worked with business litigation. After achieving full partner status, she supervised cases to include some of the most corrupt dealers and published a book format version of 3 cases where enforcement was necessary. These formatted books were available on Google as Morrison wanted the public to be aware. 

The next stop for Morrison was San Francisco where she worked at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and examined the world of financial fraud. Such cases included big names like Google, Nextcard Inc., Hewllet Packard, and HBO and Co. Helane Morriosn became the first woman to be named Head of Commission and Region Director. This was a detour and her path led on to Hall Capital.

As Chief Compliance Officer, Morrison worked her magic at Hall Capital by facilitating workplace success for women in the world of business. As part of a company who strives to build an environment suited for women to work, Hall Capital operates with an open concept office design. Communication and collaboration is highly encouraged with all employees and clients as to produce pure honesty. Flexible schedules are the norm as family time and community involvement is important. 

Helane Morrison has also been a member on numerous boards to include the Bar Association, Regional Parks Foundation and others. Said to be the “voice of change,” Morrison strives to live the life her strong convictions and high ethics demand in the most passionate manner she knows. Through her work, she has created a business world where women are now included in former men-only meetings and is a four time award-winner of the “Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area Business and Public Sector.” 

Dick DeVos Backs The Idea Of School Choices For Parents

The prominent DeVos family of Michigan is a big contributor to many philanthropic causes and organizations. The family contributes not only to local causes and institutions in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan but to state and national causes and organizations as well. A major focal point of the DeVos family philanthropy is education, particularly religious christian schools and colleges. 

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

The DeVos family contributes money primarily through two foundations. The first is Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation. Richard DeVos Sr. is the co-founder of direct marketing company giant Amway in 1959 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is he who is primarily responsible for building up the wealth of the family to the billions of dollars that the family currently has. Amway, which directly markets and sells products grew out of Richard DeVos Senior’s basement into a multinational firm that has revenues in the billions of dollars every year. Richard “Dick” DeVos Jr. is one of three sons of Richard Devos Sr. and has his own foundation called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. Betsy Prince DeVos is the wife of Dick Devos. In addition to the two DeVos family foundations, Doug and Dan DeVos, who are brothers of Dick Devos also contribute significant sums of money to conservative causes, and charitable organizations. 

Conservative policies and political candidates are strongly supported by the DeVos family. The family is a strong backer and donor to conservative think tank groups such as the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation and Freedomworks. The Republican candidates also receive strong support from the Devoses because they embody the conservative principles that the Devoses promote themselves. 

Let’s take a look at Dick DeVos for a moment. Mr. Dick DeVos actually ran for governor of Michigan under the Republican ticket in 2006. He lost however. Dick was also heavily involved in the presidential campaign of George W. Bush Jr. that proved to be victorious. Most recently Dick Devos supported republican candidates Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, both from Florida, who have now dropped out of the 2016 Republican primary race. 

Besides being heavily involved in state and national politics Dick DeVos and the DeVos family are very active in supporting school choices. To a large extent the DeVos family has helped push the idea of school choices to the forefront of elections on the local, state and national level. Dick DeVos’ wife Betsy has been a champion of the cause and airs several boards that promote school vouchers for low income students. The couple also gives out scholarships to families who cannot afford to send their children to private schools. For both Dick and Betsy school choice remains a forefront issue and the two are heavily involved in it.

Using the Chaz Dean WEN line of Hair Products

When it comes to the Wen line of Hair products it is very important to follow the instructions that are printed on the bottle. If customers fail to do so it will not give the desired results. The cleansing conditioner can be used in a simple 3 step process and provide the user with extreme volume and shine. The first step is to rinse the hair adequately before applying the WEN cleansing conditioner. Depending on the length of your hair it is necessary to apply a certain amount of product. For short hair use 10-16 pumps of the product, for medium hair use 16-24 pumps and for long hair length use 24-32 pumps. For hair that is extremely long use more product as required. Make sure to pump the Wen product directly into the palm of the hand in order to easily apply it to the hair. Step number 2 requires the user to apply the cleansing conditioner directly to both the hair and scalp making sure to add some water in order to evenly distribute it. The WEN line of products do not contain any sulphates that may have a harsh effect on the hair. it contains only natural beneficial products that do not allow it to lather. Massage the cleansing conditioner evenly and let it soak for several minutes. Step 3 is simply to rinse out the product making sure it is completely removed.

This is the same procedure that Emily McClure used in her trial run of the WEN cleansing conditioner. This complete article can be found on BUSTLE and Her experience was an overall positive one as it left her hair very shiny and provided the promised effect. She recommends it to her facebook friends looking for something new.



Fashion in the Different Shades

There are no type of fashion rules that one has to follow in the Twenty-First Century. Now, many types of colors can be used off the palette and one certain make up designer and artist by the name of Doe Deere has made a name for herself with the unique colors she has in the cosmetic collections she sells.

Doe Deere carries the name “Lime Crime” because it is a very unique handle and she feels that name will attract the clientele who wish to try out the shades that she sells in her collection. While the manufacturers of Mary Kay, Avon, and other standard brands stick to basic facial make up colors like shades of red and pink for lipstick and shades of purple, blues, and greens for eye shadow; Doe Deere will encourage the clientele to try out other colors of the rainbow for the facial make up.

Doe Deere has dyed her hair in the shades of blues, purple, green among many other unique shades of the rainbow. This has made statements in the fashion world whether among the male population, youth, middle-aged, and older females.

The main point here is to be satisfied with one’s own appearance and stand in pride of who oneself is. Many males and females are now dyeing their hair with different shades other than blond, brunette, or auburn. Fashion should be freedom which it states in the U.S. Constitution about the Freedom of Speech and therefore, the way a fashion makes a statement should be free to express.

Doe Deere is also an artist who has been experimenting with many art mediums and color palettes since she learned how to handle a paintbrush and sketchpad. Most artists love to express themselves in their art and that is Doe Deere’s philosophy in fashion as well. She is a professional make up artist who stands for what she believes in and feels that everyone has their given right to express themselves in the fashion world.

Because of her freedom of choice, there has been some known bashing of Ms. Deere which she has learned to handle in a professional manner because she understands not everyone will be pleased with her products and also the Internet has a variety of people and many will remain anonymous when they leave comments in her blogs and product reviews section.

Deere has risen to success and high fame because of her talent and her flair for color choice and she has original ideas as well. Her eBay store has attracted many customers who keep their orders coming in. She is great in the cosmetics and an excellent beauty consultant.

Doe Deere’s philosophy is that color has no age and pastel shades should be a choice given. Her colors have also been nicknamed “The Unicorn” meaning that the unicorn is very unicorn and it is a fantasy figure which Ms. Deere likes to project fantasy icons and figures into her dress designs as well.

Sanjay Shah and Autism Rocks

When you hear that your child is diagnosed with autism, it can become as a shock to most who aren’t exactly sure what it is nor how to fix it. With autism, there is no cure. It’s a neurological condition that takes research and work. It is definitely something that cannot be fixed but there are certain things that can be done to help cope with the condition better, as well as understand it better. It is definitely manageable and with the right help people can most definitely cope with it better.

The charity that is moving the charts to create quite an outlook on autism is called Autism Rocks. It was created by millionaire and hedge fund manager Sanjay Shah. He has had his fair share of owning companies and knows what it takes to continue with the success of running a business, however, this is his first charity and it has been quite the success. The charity is especially close to his heart as well as his family’s heart because of their youngest son Nikhil. He was two years old when they found out he has autism and it came as quite a shock to the family. Shah had heard of autism but never really understand what it was. He wanted to get to know autism better, and have a better understanding of the disorder. He began his research, and after an afternoon visit and a cup of tea with Snoop Dogg, he had an epiphany. He would found his own charity company where concerts would be staged by famous musicians to help raise money for the cause.

Autism Rocks launched in 2014 and became quite a hit. They were able to raise a lot of money to help aid in the research and development of autism as well as raise awareness for people. They educated on what people should be looking for as well as different programs that can be beneficial. Universities have received some of the funding for their programs that help families as well as patient learn how to better understand the condition and the effects of it.

Seeing the Success of Highland’s Capital

James Dondero is dedicated to Highland’s Capital and all of the ways that the company can see success over the next few years. He has used his expertise in the credit market to make decisions for Highland’s that will be able to lead them into the most successful position in the coming years. Because of the success that James Dondero has and the things that he knows how to do on the credit market, he is the best asset that Highland’s Capital has. He is what will make the company the most successful that it has ever been in the life of the company.

Highland’s Capital has not always been successful and has actually seen some failures more recently. Jim points out that the company actually had a reduction of assets in the third quarter of 2015. These assets were reduced and diminished by around 1 billion dollars and this shows that the company was not doing great. While their assets were going down, the percentages of the credit market companies that Highland’s works with were going up.

The reduction of assets could be due to the fact that James Dondero was selling off some of the assets. He sold the assets because they were not profitable and because they were not working for the company. He was sure to sell these for the right amount and to the right other companies. This gave him the edge that he needed to be able to make Highland’s more successful and to ensure that it was going to be a better business in the coming years. He was setting the company up for some of the most successful times.

Since Jamse has worked with Highland’s Capital, he has helped the company immensely.  Even during the times where he made decisions that actually reduced the assets, like the current time period, he was still working toward the overall success of the company. James saw the opportunity in selling off some of the assets, took advantage of it, and gave it away to businesses that needed it. By doing this, he is giving Highland’s a chance to be more successful in the years that are coming up for the company.


Doe Deere Speaks Out About Fashion

Doe Deere is one successful CEO that knows good fashion. She is also a woman that likes to create her own unique look. Her unique take on fashion and life is clearly evident in her wonderful line of cosmetics. The whimsical colors in the cosmetic line seem intimidating to some. However, her fans like to mix and match the colors to match their current moods. Doe Deere and Lime Crime are certainly a perfect match. Certainly, the makeup line and Doe Deere are inspiring a new generation of women to look beyond the traditional makeup and fashion rules to find their own style.

What’s Wrong With Rules
We live in a society that creates rules that people are expected to follow. Doe Deere believes that certain rules should be followed in modern society. However, fashion and beauty rules are a totally different story. Fashion and makeup rules should not hold you back. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that fashion and makeup rules should be broken. Everyone should try breaking at least one rule daily. Certainly, her makeup line backs up her philosophy. The wild and whimsical colors are one of a kind. Try different color combinations, until you find the one that works best for you. However, this might change daily, according to your mood. For example, one of Doe Deere’s favorite color combinations is hot pink and lavender. Some might think that it is a bit too busy, but Doe Deere thinks the combination rocks.

About Doe Deere
It appears that women were hungry for a makeup line that would allow them to create more than a pretty face. Deere’s cosmetic line allowed women to use their creative side. This is due to the unique color lines suitable for the unicorn queen that is in all of her followers. Doe Deere is the self appointed unicorn queen that created Lime Crime cosmetics because she found expressive colors lacking in the traditional makeup lines that were available.

Doe Deere started Lime Crime Cosmetics back in 2008. The CEO was on a personal mission to prove that makeup was more than a way to enhance or cover up the face. Makeup was a creative instrument. The result was Lime Crime cosmetics.