Tony Petrello’s Success Story

Tony Petrello is one of the personalities who has been actively involved in shaping the United States. He was once named in the list of the top paid CEOs. He was reported to earn approximately $68.2 million in the year 2014. His high income is generated from his work as a CEO of Nabors Industries. These industries major in the drilling of natural gas and oil. With such achievement, Mr. Tony draws both envy and admiration from many people.

Although such a high salary distinguishes Tony Petrello from many people, he still maintains being humble and honest. His moral conduct is derived from the prospect of maintaining fairness and respect. His roles include managing the industries and serving as a business strategist. One of the major achievements of Mr. Tony is availing of many jobs in the United States. Through his efforts, thousands of Americans have secured jobs within Nabors Industries and more information click here.

Although many people may link such success to a bright background, Mr. Tony case is different. He grew from a humble background where he attained his fortune through smart and hard work. Tony Petrello was raised in Newark which is an Italian neighborhood filled with a working class community. Having been raised up in a community that upholds a culture which portrays honor and strong work ethics, Mr. Tony portrayed this and worked hard to achieve his goals and resume him.

At a young age, Mr. Tony had established his goals right and was determined to be a CEO. Therefore, he studied hard with the intention of achieving his goals. He was able to master calculus at an early age depicting his ambitions of achieving his dreams. While at Yale University, Mr. Tony switched his passion in mathematics to human sciences. He further pursued his education at Harvard Law School and learn more about Tony.

Soon after graduating, Mr. Tony pursued several jobs before being employed in Nabors Industries. However, he did not immediately get a promotion to this top managerial position. He worked for about thirty years while getting promotion from rank to rank before being promoted to become the CEO of the company. Although he started from such a humble beginning, he is currently one of the prominent business leaders in America and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

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Dr. AKhil on Wines and Fashion


Dr. Akhil of MB2 Dental has a word of advice for people who purchase wines. When he is not in dentistry he is a wine connoisseur. He says that there are many good types of inexpensive wines but one must know where to find them. French wine has a rich scent and a rich taste; however, it is good to note that not all fine wines can fall under the price of 30. Good wine is dependent on the type of grape used to manufacture it. Nevertheless, there is a wide variety of French wine in the market.


Most people who work in hospitals and laboratories have to wear lab coats mandatorily. It sometimes becomes boring, especially to people who love being stylish and trendy. The people in the above category feel limited, suppressed and frustrated behind the lab coats. However, Dr. Akhil tells them that the measure is good because it protects their clothes from being stained or destroyed by the chemicals in the labs or hospitals. Dr. Akhil still tells doctors that can still maintain their style and fashion under the lab coat. Dr. Akhil advice doctors and hospital workers on what they can wear to remain trendy. These are discussed below:

  1. Short and Ties

One suggestion by Dr. Akhil is short and ties. He says that a coat and tie add a sense of professionalism to the workers. They assure the clients that the doctor is capable of performing as the style contributes to the notion. Moreover, the above wear helps one to easily transition from the workplace to business lunches and other functions. Dr. Akhil says that every man should have the above and should not have any problem using the style.

  1. Dress Shirt With No Tie

The second recommendation is the business casual where one wears a dress shirt with no tie. The wearer still looks professional like Dr. Akhil and serious without the tie. The style is versatile because the workers can choose to wear any blazer, sweater, or sports jacket with their shorts and trousers, especially on a cold day. One can also wear the shirt without jackets or blazers if they please. The style is both stylish and comfortable.

  1. Khakis and Dress Shirt

The third recommendation is the casual wear composed of khakis and dress shirt. The above items should also be in the wardrobe of every man and can be complemented by different types of shoes. The dress code is suitable for long shirts as it is easy and comfortable. Turtle necks and dark khakis should also be worn as they look stylish and professional under a lab coat.

Sheldon Lavin – Changing the fate of OSI Industries

The chairman and CEO of the famous meat processing company named OSI Groups, and is also very well-known and reputed in this field. Once in an interview, Sheldon Lavin told that he studied finance and business and never thought to be a part of meat processing industry. He started as a financial director arranging funds and finances for his company to the middle market corporations and individuals, and through that, he met the family who ran the meat processing industry and found out that this field has a lot of profit in it.

Sheldon Lavin got really close to the family who owned the very famous meat processing company and also gave them financial advice, arranging their funds and giving them meat better business strategies. Thus he was prominently involved in their business. However, when Otto and Son firm was in financial crisis, Sheldon still managed their finance department for free, asking them to return his favor by making him the partner of their firm. It is how the involvement of Sheldon Lavin began in Otto and Sons, which later was renamed as OSI Industries. Over the year, Sheldon took over the company and became the leader and chief of that company because of his hard work, capabilities, and helping the industry to grow rapidly.

The credit of the success of OSI Groups goes to Sheldon; it was because of his devotion, hard work, and motivation that OSI Group became one of the strong emerging industry in meat processing field. The company has over 70 manufacturing plants in 17 countries and a workforce of 20,000 employees. He has won many awards in all these years, including Global Visionary Awards in 2016, presented by India’s Vision World Academy. Sheldon was awarded lifetime Achievement Award by RSM US LLP in the year of 2015, because of his tireless hard work, efforts and immense contribution to this industry and his services to this community over all these years, were beneficial and bought the positive change in this field to learn more: click here.

Sheldon Lavin believes that OSI Group is capable enough to be the top-notch industry among all the food company and can grow internationally as well. That’s why he is planning and working on making more manufacturing plants across the country in new overseas market. Even though the company already contributes internationally and is well reputed, but still Sheldon keeps a close eye to ensure the company is making a profit and producing quality products and satisfying all the clients worldwide.

Talk Fusion: The Game Changes And They Change With It

Talk Fusion believes it can changes lives. As a matter of fact, they don’t just believe it; they know it can change lives. It starts with the belief though and the confidence in the product. That belief starts right at the top with their leader, CEO and founder, Bob Reina. He has been in charge of Talk Fusion since 2007, which makes this ten years the company has been up and running at a level that is simply outstanding. They now have video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These are all here for the 21st century worker.

A lot of things are being done on the go, as people are very busy if they are running their own company. There is a lot that comes with it, although it does not feel like it. It does not feel like it because they actually enjoy the work they are doing and they enjoy being part of something that is special. They created it and they watched it from its infant stages. They used the video newsletters to keep their customers in the loop on all of the changes happening within their company and what to expect. It is so important to keep the customers informed and let them know what is new with the company and what they are working on for the future. Learn more:

As far as the future, as the expression goes, it is so bright for Talk Fusion they need to wear shades. 2016 was a year that will go down in the record books for the company as they won two awards from the media giant the Technology Marketing Corporation ( It gives the proper acknowledgment and praise to companies that have immensely improved their product over the past twelve months. That is always the goal of Talk Fusion: improvement.

They know they need to keep up with the times, as they do not want to get left in a cloud of dust. They want to stay ready and on their toes. This award shows they are on top of things 24/7/365 over at Talk Fusion. Learn more:

Bringing Change To The School System: Rocketship Education Blasts Students Above and Beyond

One of the biggest challenges facing youth in crumbling school districts – is the quality of education. Children do not have a choice as to where to attend school, they must frequent the location based on their zip code. Excellent schools are in the minority, the odds of having a great school, in an impoverished neighborhood is not good. It doesn’t exist. Kids aren’t guaranteed good parents, society cannot control that. Kids can be guaranteed a quality education though if it is important enough to state governments.

This is where Rocketship Education makes a difference, taking the school system and remodeling it, renovating the system, overhauling current structures.

Nationwide, the public elementary school district is in dismal condition, some states worse than others, the United States globally in comparison – is doing horribly.

A non-profit network of charters schools, constructed to target low-income neighborhoods – this is Rocketship Education.

Known as a transformative school, this charter school network seeks to inspire children and change lives in a meaningful way, through the Rocketship platform.

Besides the elementary school education, teachers and parental bonds are strengthened.

Rocketship was developed by two business man, seeking to create a new school model, one a software engineer, the other a principal.

The flagship location is San Jose, Ca. There are Rocketship schools in twelve locations:

  • Bay Area, CA
  • Nashville, TN
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Washington, D.C.

Currently, there are approximately 8000 students matriculated into the Rocketship system. The demographic data reveals that 85% of the children enrolled at Rocketship are low-income.

The model revolves around a non-traditional and well-rounded educational model. This system adjusts to the needs of the child individually. Some traditional elements are used, interactive tutoring and technology have the kids participating.

The philosophy of Rocketship is with the success of the parent. If the parent is interested and engaged with the program, this increases the achievement potential for the children.

Eric Lofkofsky’s Determination to Find Custom Treatment for Cancer Patients

Cancer is a rampant illness that has affected at least someone everybody knows. The conclusion is backed up by the National Cancer Institute whose data indicates that about 14.5 people in the United States suffered from cancer in 2014 alone. The studies’ estimation stated that the number would likely skyrocket to 19 million by 2024. The devastating statistics is the reason why revolutionary firms such as Tempus work diligently and strategically to alienate the suffering of affected persons dramatically and possibly find a cure.

Tempus is the foundation of entrepreneur Eric Lofkosfky, who is also the owner of Groupon. Eric had a painful personal experience with the illnesses when his wife was diagnosed with it. He was astounded at the lack of information and resources available to combat the illness and improve therapy for patients. He explained that innumerable researches had indicated the importance of using custom data to treat individual cases but few had managed to implement the theory.

Eric started Tempus to focus on the genome sequencing that would determine the best treatment plan for each person. They set up an analytics software that would save and accurately analyze medical data for every patient. The software uses natural language to present information, identify optical attributes, and translate conclusions in understandable formats and learn more about Eric.

The process of formulating a treatment plan from genome sequencing is old and has the earliest dating in 2003. It began at the price of $100 million and currently values at $5000. Tempus creation of a software that performs the same duty is set to reduce the price drastically and afford the procedure to the average American and more information click here.

Eric Lofkosfky was born in Southfield, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan where he graduated in 1991. He pursued a law degree from the same institution and graduated with a Juris doctor. Eric’s professionals talents are widespread, hence he heads several boards and sits as a member on others such as Lurie Memorial Hospital and the Art Institute of Chicago. He has taught as a professor at DePaul University and Northwestern University. Currently he teaches at the school of business of the University of Chicago.

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Kabbalah Centre: Gaining an Inner Knowledge of the Jewish Mystic

Numerous Hollywood Stars Fascinated by Kabbalah Centre

Hollywood stars are considered trendsetters, and when they take an interest in something, it will become the new trend. This is the case for Kabbalah. Kabbalah is a Jewish mystic, which stars like Madonna have become interested in. She has gone as far as opening Kabbalah centers and getting deeply involved in the study of the tradition. She is not the only Hollywood star to have an interest in this Jewish tradition. Several stars have also shown interest. They include; Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Sandra Bernhard, the late Sammy Davis and Elizabeth Taylor and learn more about Kabbalah.

This Jewish tradition has stars in Hollywood excited for a reason. It is believed that it reduces stress levels, with the majority of the stars testifying to the peace Kabbalah has brought into their lives. Stars like the late Sammy Davis felt a close connection with Judaism and adopted this tradition to help him gain inner strength and grant him spiritual peace. Kabbalah is supposed to be studied by Jews who are over the age of 40. However, the Rabbis have tried to simplify it in regard to the modern life we live in today and Kabbalah’s website.

About Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre dates its foundation back to 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. The Centre was first founded in the U.S. in 1965 by Philip Berg. However, the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles was later founded in 1984. It is run by Karen and Michael and has more than 50 branches worldwide and more information click here.

Kabbalah’s Tradition

The teachings offered in Kabbalah are based on Zohar. Zohar is a book written by Rav Shimon and is based on the Bible. The Zohar provides inner insights to the mysteries in the Bible or Torah in Jewish. Hence, the Kabbalah Centre acts as a spiritual guide and support system to the society. The people who attend the Kabbalah Centre get to have an interactive exchange of ideas and grow spiritually. Kabbalah is available to all people regardless of your faith. It continues to be an interest to a lot of Hollywood stars and the world at large.

The Positive Contributions of Betsy DeVos to Americans

Betsy DeVos is a highly acknowledged woman in the United States due to her success in politics, business, and philanthropy. She has made great contributions to the education industry in the past four decades. Her efforts have significantly facilitated the improvement of the U.S education system. In February 2017, she joined the cabinet of President Trump as the secretary of education. Betsy has been supporting the education of choice initiative to ensure that children can prepare themselves for their future careers. She once served on the management team of the American Federation for Children (AFC), which is an institution that provides a flexible system for students. Individuals who school at AFC are allowed to study subjects of their choice. The excellent work that the secretary of education does has enabled millions of American children to get a decent education. Follow Betsy DeVos on

Mrs. DeVos has used her position in the government to initiate and implement excellent policies that aim at bettering the current education system. According to her, thousands of children in the country miss opportunities to attend schools that can prepare them for their future professions. She believes everyone should have an equal chance of attending learning institutions that can shape his or her career. Betsy has been one of the supporters of the Kids Hope USA, and she has been inspiring elementary school children across the nation.

Apart from the education sector, Betsy Devos has also invested a lot in philanthropy. She has been working closely with her husband, Dick DeVos, in giving back to the Michigan community. The two established DeVos Family Foundation, which has been managing their charity work over the years. Dick is a great fan of aviation, and this motivated the couple to start a state-of-the-art institution that is called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. It has the latest amenities and is considered among the leading aviation colleges in Michigan.

Betsy is recognized for the tremendous support that she has provided to the Republican Party in the past four decades. She supported the election of the President Gerald R. Ford in 1976 by serving on his campaign team. Mrs. DeVos also assisted President Bush in raising funds to cater for his campaigns. Her involvement in politics has enabled her to acquire a lot of knowledge on the management of resources in the grassroots. She was once appointed by the party as the Michigan delegate and also served on the Michigan’s Republican National Committee. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

The DeVos Family Foundation supports a broad array of undertakings, and they include politics, education, art, and medical research. Betsy and her husband have given a lot of money to charity, and they are ranked among the United States’ most generous people. She is currently sponsoring the education of several children at Potter’s House Christian School.

Securus Technologies Helping Catch Violent Criminals

This month my team of fugitive hunters were notified that we had to bring a very dangerous suspect into custody as quickly as possible. This suspect was going from bank to bank without any type of disguise, and telling the bank tellers he was armed and would shoot if they did not fill his bag with all the money in their drawer. The reason my team was called in was this suspect went from robbing one teller to taking the entire bank staff hostage inside the vault.


If thing were allowed to progress at this rate, we may be dealing with several dead people the next bank that he decided to visit. The pattern in which he chose his targets was very sporadic, so we had nothing to go by to help us to anticipate his next move. Friends and family were no help because the suspect cut all ties, and he was basically able to stay under the radar by blending in with his surroundings.


With nowhere else to turn, we decided to go to the local prison to see if our suspect had any associates who may be able to point us in a direction before it was too late. Inmates are not too cooperative, but thanks to Securus Technologies, we got their help without them even realizing. Securus Technologies was responsible for the installation of the call monitoring system the officers use in that jail to listen to inmates on the phones.


Right after our visit, one inmate was on the phone talking to his sister and warning her to get the word to the suspect we were on the him. We could not make the connection, until the inmate mentioned they shared a baby and should all hit the road. Before the group had that chance, we found our suspect and took him down quickly.


The Intriguing Career of Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is a man of many ventures. As of today, he is working with a company known as Madison Partners. Through this venture, Arthur Becker offers services related to biotechnology and real estate. Prior to founding Madison Partners, Arthur Becker used to work with a venture called Zinio LLC where he served as the chief executive officer and chairman. He worked for this company between the year 2012 and 2015. Between 2002 and 2010, Arthur Becker worked with another company called NaviSite. Like the previous company, Becker served as the chief executive officer. This business specialized with internet services between two nations, United Kingdom and India. At the same time, he was involved with a fashion venture that used to be owned by his wife. The venture was referred to as Vera Wang Fashion and he served with this company for seven years. Titles that can be used to describe Arthur Becker include philanthropist, entrepreneur and investor.

According to Huffingtonpost, at the moment, Arthur Becker says that he can focus on his projects now that he is not in charge of any company. This is the reason why he is building town houses in New York. These town houses are located on the Sullivan St. He also has other projects at Tribeca. To ensure that he remains productive, Arthur Becker notes that he has to work with people who challenge him as well as people that he can respect. He notes that real estate is an intriguing filed where one is in charge of several processes such as financing, entitlement as well as design. Other processes involved include marketing and the actual construction. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

Critical thinking and passion are two things that challenge Arthur Becker. The most intriguing bits of these two issues are the ability to balance them. Arthur notes that he has tried many businesses during the course of his life. While some may have succeeded, some failed. However, this didn’t bring him down, but he had the audacity to try out other business. Arthur Becker is 66 years now and believes that talent is a crucial aspect for a business to grow. He is also a man who believes in critical thinking.

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