Welcome to the new home of Completely Damaged!
“He said, ‘I’m flying off like an eagle off the top rope. I’m going to fly like a bird. I’m flying like an eagle, Terry … and when you go down, 1-2-3, they’re going to shower me with flowers.” Dusty Rhodes

Welcome aboard!

What’s up pro wrestling fans!!!!   on behalf of everyone here at DAMAGED RADIO, I’d like to welcome our newest member to the team……..The Beautiful Beaa!!!! Follow her on Facebook as well! }also, I wanna send a shout out to my good friend,...


Alright pro wrestling fans, if you missed today’s episode of COMPLETELY DAMAGED RADIO, no need to panic! You can download the replay……go to podomatic.com, or listen to the replay here on completelydamaged.com! Cheers!!!

DAMAGED RADIO is baaaaaccckkkkkkk!!!

alright pro wrestling fans, DAMAGED RADIO is now back on the world wide web!! We will bring you all things pro wrestling right from WWE to independent wrestling shows and much much more!! but first, let me introduce myself…….my name is Donna Matrix, and I...

We’re back!

Hello Completely Damaged Fans, Welcome to the Re – Launch of www.completelydamaged.com My name is RC the host of both Completely Damaged TV, as well as Completely Damaged Radio. You can listen to Completely Damaged Radio every Monday Morning from 11 am –...
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