The Investments of Alexei Beltyukov and his aid to the Russian People

Alexei Beltyukov is a well-established Russian business mogul. He has founded and managed a chain of profitable companies. Beltyukov has also been honored due to his generosity.

He studied medicine and later enrolled in the France-based INSTEAD University where he was awarded a master’s degree in 1997.

The businessman played a key role in the establishment of INSTEAD Russian Alumni Scholarship, which has been devoted to offering bursaries to Russian citizens who are admitted to the institution. Alexei is highly passionate about being an entrepreneur.

He developed several angel fund companies that provided financial aid to start-up in Russia. One of his firms is Endemic Capital, which was established in 2013. Learn more about more Alexei Beltyukiov:

Beltyukov founded many companies that were focused on various sectors. In 2006, he started a natural gas venture that was known as Natural Gas Technologies. The primary purpose of the enterprise was to determine different ways that the commodity can be utilized in industries.

He also created A-Ventures, which majored in offering financial aid to businesses that were struggling. The firm existed from 2005 to 2014. Alexei Beltyukiov serves as a board member of FORO. It has specialized in offering laser power that is used in industries such as mining, geothermal, and natural gas.

Alexei has also played a significant role in bettering education in Russia by creating SOLVY , which is an online learning program. Its primary purpose is to assist students to understand complicated disciplines. He is the current CEO of the enterprise.

SOLVY has mainly focused on mathematics. It offers questions on the subject and guides the students as they solve them.The online learning platform also provides opportunities for tutors to interact with the students and guide them.

Alexei Beltyukov formerly served as the deputy president of the Skolkovo Foundation. He held the position from January 2011, and his financial guidance has very helpful to the Russian government.

The main focus of the Skolkovo Foundation was to offer monetary aid to upcoming IT businesses. Alexei Beltyukov provided excellent services when he was in office. Skolkovo Foundation assisted companies to create more than 12,700 jobs in Russia.

Securus Technologies Embraces the Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is a large communications company that severs the corrections industry over a wide area of North America. The company has service in over 3,800 correctional facilities, safety organizations, and law enforcement agencies. Over 1.2 million inmates and their families also are served by the company.


The communications system utilizes the most modern technology be being connected to capabilities with Android or Apple devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, and regular landline phones. Having this widespread ability to stay in touch is a very good program for people who are incarcerated as keeping contact with family is a very healthy and desired situation.


One feature that is becoming very popular is the video phone system, where each party is seen on a screen with webcam capability. This is just like being in the same room together and gives a more intimate feel to a phone call. There is also chat, voicemail, and a money transfer service available.


Securus just recently became accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Not every business in America is eligible to be accredited by the BBB. There is an initial screening where a decision is made to see if a business is currently meeting the BBB standards and if so, an accreditation application is filled out and submitted.


Once that is accomplished, the application is reviewed, and the staff at BBB researches the business in detail and verifies all of the information. If the business meets all of the requirements, then it is accredited.


Being a member of the Better Business Bureau signifies to the public and customers that good service and optimum relations are the hallmarks of a business organization. If a customer has any grievance or servicing problem that is not taken care of, they may register a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Then at that point, the record of resolving the complaint is recorded for all to see publically.


The objective is to never get to the point that anything at all is recorded, but there are complaints, customers are given the assurance that problems will be speedily taken care of.


George Soros Sees Hard Times Ahead

The Winds Of Politics Switch Direction
2016 was a shocking year many people. Most expected conservative figures like Donald Trump and movements like Brexit to lose, but in the end these movements proved successful and won out in the end. The success of these movements has angered many on the Left but George Soros in particular is extremely disturbed by these movements. He sees this as a potential slide away from progress and towards darker times.

The Consequences Of This
The consequences of these wins could prove dire for many important causes. As far as George Soros sees it this marks a move towards a less global world and more authoritarian politics in the West. Under these conditions minority rights are under threat and democracy as we know it is under threat. In the long term this may very well hurt economies and lead to severe consequences such as another recession. In order to prevent this liberals need to rethink their strategy going into elections and find a way to regain the power they lost last year.

What The Left Needs To Do
George Soros understands why conservatives pulled off the surprise victories on they had last year. So far the benefits of globalization have largely ignored the majority of westerners. Developing nations have benefited and the wealthy elites of the West have seen gains, but very little has improved for the average middle class or working class citizen of developed countries. Naturally, these people are angry and decided to vote for candidates who promised to destroy the current globalization infrastructure on Forbes. If liberals can understand these middle class voters they have the potential to regain power and reverse the course of events we are seeing.

George Soros Today
The longtime contributor to liberal politics isn’t going anywhere. In past times George Soros allowed political disappointments to discourage him from participating in politics, but now he wants to play a role in helping the Left recover after these losses. Throughout the election Soros made his criticisms of Donald Trump clear and the feeling was often mutual. On a personal level these elections hit George Soros hard and actually cost him considerable amounts of money. The wise investor has decided he doesn’t want to pull out of politics on He is set on defending democracy and leading us towards a more open world.

About George Soros
George Soros is a hedge fund manager and philanthropist based in the United States. With a net worth exceeding 425 billion Soros has made himself the most successful hedge fund manager in the world and his private hedge fund, the Soros Fund, is the most successful of any. He uses the wealth he has accumulated to advance the political causes he believes in and to enable a world where more people can aspire to his success. Beyond his personal politics he uses his fortune to contribute to political campaigns that will allow these ambitions to finally see the light of day.

How Jeffry Schneider is Conquering the World with his Firm, Ascendant Capital

Jeffry Schneider is responsible for founding the Austin-based Ascendant Capital LLC. The firm offers various services such as from educations, marketing, operational services and offer approaches that may be employed in financial structuring. The firm is able to raise funds for emerging and established alternative asset fund sponsors distributing private and public offerings across the world. The company works with broker-dealers, private banks, investment advisors and Family Offices who are committed to offering quality services. For the firm to be in a position of distributing these offerings, it has to work with other institutions. As the saying goes, two hands are better than one.

According to Jeffrey, he believes that alternative investments are a good way of reducing volatility and diversifying holdings considering how the market is currently. As years have passed, the firm has experienced growth which has made the company offer services all across the world. Schneider and his team believe that the firm will continue to accelerate in years to come.

Under the leadership of Jeffry Schneider, the firm has grown to the point of having more than thirty employees compared to when it was founded nearly five years ago. With the dedication of his team, the firm has raised more than one billion dollars on behalf of various managers. These positive results are brought by working with more than two fifty investment advisors, countless family offices and fifty broker-dealers. The capital received has been used to purchase tech companies, buy real estate, auto dealership among doing other things. Jeffry together with his team is not planning to stop at any moment as they have big plans for the future. Having ultimate objectives and goals are what keeps the firm going over the years.

The company’s culture has played a significant role in assisting the company in their success mission. Ascendant Capital is seen to have an alignment of interests, but it makes it their fiduciary responsibility to put their investors first. The environment in the firm allows team members to interact and dialogue which leads to safeguarding trust between the team members. The transparency idea is also applicable externally where the investors are given quality service that makes them rely upon and trust the company.

Jeffry’s work experience has shaped him to be the real leader he is today. Before founding and working with Ascendant Capital, Mr. Schneider worked with Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Managements. He also had the opportunity of working with Alex Brown, Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch who helped in shaping the leader we see today. His education background helped in opening doors that gave him his working experience. He was an alumnus of University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Under the leadership of Jeffry Schneider, Ascendant Capital is assured of succeeding in future.


EOS Lip Balm and the People that Love These Flavors

The lip balm industry is changing. ChapStick is a company that may have stayed at the top of the lip balm industry as a leader for many years, but this company has fallen behind. The new leader is EOS, and people are thrilled about this for one reason: this is a company that has a long line of fruity flavors that appears to consumers of many different age groups.

People are really buzzing about the Evolution of Smooth ( because this product has so many different flavors out there for consumers to try. There are some interesting flavors like Vanilla Mini and Passion Fruit that are getting people to take a second look at what EOS is doing. This is the type of company that has managed to outshine the rest of the competition because there is some strong social media buzz. The different flavors that are on the market present customers with so many interesting things to try. They don’t have to get stuck with a single flavor. To the contrary, the Evolution of Smooth is designed with a multitude of flavors that are keeping people from getting bored with this brand. EOS lip balms can be purchased online at,, and at retailers such as Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, and others.

The good thing about using the Evolution of Smooth lip balm is that you don’t have to worry about whether the ingredients will irritate the skin. The lip balm from EOS is actually designed to nourish the skin. People that are interested in soft lips will really appreciate what this type of lip balm is doing. Celebrities really seem to love it. There are many people in entertainment that cannot get enough of this. Kim Kardashian, for example, is using this Amazon popular brand and millions of people are able to see this on sites like Twitter and Instagram. Celebrities are definitely boosting the recognition of EOS.  Visit for more information.


Vijay Eswaran: From Co-Founding QI Group To Authoring Business Books

Vijay Eswaran is the founder of several direct selling and asset management companies through QI Group, a multilevel marketing firm he and Joseph Bismarck founded nearly 20 years ago. Eswaran’s plan in starting these companies was to give aspiring entrepreneurs across Asia and the world a chance to go into business for themselves, and through QNet all products are sold solely by these independent sales representatives on Facebook. QI Group has also helped small to midsized businesses get financed through their QI Asset Management company, and they even have a training program in multilevel marketing called The V available through Quest International University Perak. Eswaran has made a lot of money through QI Group, but he’s familiar with doing a lot of manual labor too.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia and has run most of his business operations there, though he’s also launched them in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Philippines and reached across the globe. He got his bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics, but spent time doing manual labor before going to grad school. Those odd jobs included picking grapes, working in construction zones and even driving a cab. But after saving up money, Vijay Eswaran was able to get into binary marketing through CIMA certification, and eventually completed his MBA at Southern Illinois University.

Read more: @vjayeswaran

Vijay Eswaran first entered multilevel marketing when he decided to help the Cosway Group launch its Philippines subsidiary, and he soon found it to be attractive as a full time profession. In 1998, he officially co-founded QI Group Ltd. and in the coming years helped found RYTHM Foundation. RYTHM has sponsored global initiatives across the Asian community through food drives and gifts to impoverished communities, helping establish schools and libraries, and caring for children with special needs. Eswaran is also a member of the World Economic Forum at where he has given lectures and discussed various issues, and he attended the Global Indian Business Meet in 2012 where he was given the New Global Indian award for business and philanthropy work. He’s been mentioned in Forbe’s Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy list in 2011, and is also the author of several books including his bestseller, In The Sphere Of Silence.

Capital Group’s New Chairman – The Last Company Man?

Few these days work their way up the ladder the way Timothy Armour has. The trend nowadays is to jump from company to company, but Armour dedicated his career to Capital Group and in 2015 it paid off big when he became its chairman and chief executive officer.

While Armour didn’t start in the proverbial mail room, he did begin it as a participant in Capital’s “Associates Program.” The Los Angeleno put to work his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College and began working his way up. It was no case of overnight success for this advocate of active management. Timothy Armour has 33 years of investment experience – all at Capital.

Before taking the reins as head of the company, he worked for Capital as an equity investment analyst specializing in the areas of global telecommunications and US service companies. He also held the position of equity portfolio manager. Timothy Armour now also serves as chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. and as chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. He illustrated throughout his career the importance of holding on to a good investment.

At the time of his appointment, he discussed the company’s strengths and his drive to continue its success.

Click here to learn more about Timothy Armour.

“The true strength of Capital Group lies not in an individual but in the collective talents of all our associates who are aligned behind our mission to deliver superior, long-term investment results to our investors and clients,” Armour said in a statement. “Our management committee and our 7,600 associates look forward to continuing our 84-year legacy of delivering on our commitments to investors and the advisors who serve them.”

In a modern business world of ship jumpers, Armour stands testament to the old-fashioned company man. He started at the bottom, put in effort and hard work, and rose to the top of his game, and to the top of the company to which he devoted his career. The key was picking a company he could believe in.

“We believe in what we do, even if at times the world doesn’t,” Armour told Bloomberg Markets in a 2015 article on top performing mutual funds.


How Nationwide Title Clearing Is Helping Americans Protect Their Homes?

Since 1991, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. has saved countless homeowners to safeguard their legal real estate. The company is the leading provider of research and document processing in the United States. Its error-free approach to compiling property and real estate records helped it gain trust of top mortgage service providers. At least 8 out of 10 premier mortgage providers in the United States now depend on the immaculate service offered by NTC. Based in Palm Harbor, Florida, it is nominated by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the region. In fact, the company also won the Inc. Hire Power Record for putting Americans back to work.


According to its CEO, John Hillman, his company helps individuals to address any issues with the property records before undertaking any financial commitment. Accordingly, the success of the company depends on keeping accurate records. It helps consumers by providing them error-free reports that are compiled from a variety of sources and hand-checked to ensure accuracy. As a result, the company can claim to access property records for any house in the United States. The company can fulfill county document requirements in all recording jurisdictions nationwide, which is close to 3,600 different areas.


It is interesting to note that title defects can occur in a variety of different instances. For example, a simple wording in the document can cause huge problems if the wording does not comply with the real estate standard of the local area. Similarly, house owners also face difficulties when the signature of a pertinent party, such as spouse, are absent from the document. Previous liens and other encumbrances also makes a title, unmarketable. It also means that the owner will not be able to transfer the property if corrections are not fixed. Often these corrections can take months. It is also becoming common to face title problems if the owner did not follow proper procedures.


Under these circumstances, Nationwide Title Clearing has come out with a major revamp of its website that will allow consumers to get access to the property records, online. Anyone can easily download complete details of the property by ordering an extensive Assignment Report Verification Services. To complement the report, a Current Owner Report, also comes handy. There is also an option to find the current tax status of the property by looking at either the Tax Status Report or Tax Status Plus Report.


John Hillman also suggested that the objective of the company is to provide accurate records of every single property in the United States. Because research is conducted based on actual land records, it is possible to get hold of existing and historic data. Automation coupled with human verification also allows NTC to stay ahead of the competition.

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Securus Technologies Defends Against Global Tele Link Press Release

A few months ago Global Tele Link (GTL) published a press release regarding patents being disputed by GTL with the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB). In a series of allegations, GTL accused Securus Technology of patent infringement. In the GTL claims, patent “816”, a patent that protects certain aspects of video visitation software from infringement has been apparently violated by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies countered this accusatory press release by going point by point through the original GTL accusations and answering with clear, concise points. For example, GTL stated that patent 816 had been validated by the PTAB. Securus stated that they went through the patent record and found no evidence of patent 816 ever been validated by GTL. Furthermore, any legal action initiated by GTL has been stayed by the Texas federal courts for now. Securus is confident that if a legal dispute does go to court, Securus has never used that aspect of GTL technology.


To read all points listed and disputed in the GTL claim, please click here. Both parties have claims in for video technology, but Securus has almost three times the amount of total patents or pending patents than GTL has currently. It will be interesting to see if this GTL dispute actually has any legal grounding. One thing that GTL could do that Securus currently does is essentially “lease out” their technology to another inmate communication company. GTL would still own the rights, but make more money than they would by just using the technology in-house.


Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Is Facing A Drinking Water Issue And The Resort Is Resolving It

The famous Squaw Valley ski resort has been a haven for professional as well as novice skiers for more than 60 years. Squaw Valley made world headlines in 1960 when the resort hosted the Winter Olympic Games. Ever since then, Squaw Valley has attracted skiers from countries around the world. Squaw Valley slopes and trails are the best in the world thanks to the Sierra Nevada mountain range. And Squaw Valley’s location is world class too. The resort sits near Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is a glacier lake that has earned a reputation for being one of the most pristine lakes in the world.

Water shouldn’t be, and almost never is, a problem in the Lake Tahoe area. But the five-year drought changed that. For the last four years, Squaw Valley has felt the impact of light snowfall. The ski seasons have been shorter and warmer. But in 2015, things began to change. The snow came back, and ski resorts in the area had a great 2015/2016 season. The 2016/2017 forecast was encouraging as well. In fact, Squaw Valley started to record snowfall in September, but in October something unusual happened. The resort was inundated with rain. A lot of rain. And it flooded four of the wells that service the upper mountain area of the resort. The four wells that were flooded service two water systems in the Squaw Valley complex.

Resort officials did a routine water check after the water receded, and they discovered E, coli, and coliform bacteria in the drinking water in all four wells. Liesl Kenney, the Public Relation Director for the resort, issued a statement about the water contamination. Kenney told the Sierra Sun that the Gold Coast and High Camp sections of the resort were impacted by the flood waters. All the restaurants in those areas were immediately closed, and bottled water was given to all the guests. No contaminated water was available to the public and no one got sick.

Read more: Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

Kenney also said the Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted as well as other safety experts. The resort has taken the appropriate steps to eliminate the harmful bacteria. The guests staying at High Camp and Gold Coast have access to the other restaurants on the property, and daily skiing has not been interrupted.

Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, said the safety of the guest is the resort’s highest priority. Recent tests have confirmed three of the four wells are free of the E. coli bacteria, and only low levels of the coliform bacteria remain. The decontamination process is ongoing, so the two water systems should be clean in the near future. But those systems will remain closed until they are completely safe, according to Kenney.

The water issue has not stopped skiers from enjoying the heavy snowfall this year. Squaw Valley is planning for another long season, and thanks to a letup in the drought that should happen.