Child Concert Attendance With Securus

Child concert attendance with Securus is one of the best things I have ever seen, and it works really well for my niece while we are watching her. It is a hard situation for us, but we are trying to make the best of it. I took the Securus app with me on my phone to her most recent chorus concert, and my brother got to watch the whole thing on Securus. I have been very impressed with the way that Securus is helping us, and I know that they have thought up all these different things to helps kids like Wendy.


Everyone in the family wants to see what Wendy is doing because she is such a talented girl, and I want her father to see that even though he is in jail. It is really one of the best things for her because she has been performing a lot. She knows that her daddy is watching, and we have been able to get these things done quickly because of the way that Securus works. I put the app on my phone, and I take it with my to all her events. It makes more sense for us to use this technology, and it shows us that we have a lot of options to help Wendy feel supported.


She loves it when we people come to see her sing, and she especially wants her dad to see her sing. We have been able to bring him along with Securus a lot of different times, and I know that it will serve her really well until he gets out. He can still see what is going on with her life, and then he will not have missed as much as he would have. I use Securus on my phone, and I am very ready to see Wendy sink.


Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Adam Goldenberg Provides Explanation of New Branding Concept

In mid-August 2016, JustFab Inc. announced the parent company name was changed to TechStyle Fashion Group. Adam Goldenberg, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer provided an explanation of the new branding concept to Business Insider. When the company was founded in 2010, the only brand was JustFab offered by the parent company, JustFab Inc. Since then, the company has received enormous growth by acquiring more brands, including Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and FL2. After five years in the start-up process at, Adam and partner, Don Ressler strategized to perfect customer service and create a distinguished name.

Adam Goldenberg told Business Insider JustFab Inc. changed over the years into a “powerful brand-building online business driven by data and personalization.” He said TechStyle Fashion identifies the heart of what the parent company has become. Now that company has other brands besides JustFab, it was time for transformation of the company as a whole. Before the name change, JustFab Inc. had transformed customer service by reducing customer complaints, creating visibility of disclosures on the website of membership program, and developing online cancellation processes on TechStyle received a complete makeover with its branding strategies, enhancement of customer service, and redevelopment of website.

Adam Goldenberg brings years of expertise in information technology and website building. Adam Goldenberg’s first business accomplishment started at an early age constructing a website and IT support for a St. Louis-based accounting firm. He applied his entrepreneurship and technology knowledge to co-establish digital retail, JustFab Inc. The new name, TechStyle fits the concept of technical marketing, software development, production, data, and personalization in the fashion industry.

TechStyle Fashion Group markets its brands in U.S, U.K., France, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and the Netherlands. Year after year the company generates over $600 million in net revenues from sale of merchandise and membership subscriptions. The online retailer has attracted more than 35 million subscription members worldwide. TechStyle’s brand, Fabletics recently celebrated its membership growth, reaching over one million subscribers.

The new brand identity represents the universal transformation of the fashion industry in the e-commerce world of technology. The concept makes it easier for online shoppers to receive stylish fashions at affordable costs. Adam Goldenberg is not only a successfully businessman, but a philanthropist, as well. He financially supports Dress for Success, Toys for Tots, and Orange County Susan G. Komen non-profit organizations. Goldenberg also sponsors programs, including Triple Step, Prom Project and Operation Gratitude.

Music Festival Season Is Done, but Lime Crime Keeps the Fun Going

Summer is a time when music festivals overtake the world. The intense music cannot be silenced during this time and avid fans use these opportunities to be themselves by wearing vibrant clothing, makeup, and by traveling the world in the hopes of catching a spare note between pitching their weekend tents. Unfortunately, too few makeup companies pay homage to festival season with their colors, but that is what makes Lime Crime so awesome. Lime Crime specializes in the non-traditional by producing original shades that vary from green to blue to even gray. Celia Leslie took the time to make a tutorial showcasing Lime Crime’s velvetine shades and it immediately made me think of festival season. So, which shades would I wear to show my appreciation for the season and why is it important to have these options?


This eggplant color by Lime Crime is perfect for rock festivals. By offering that edgy element to the makeup as a whole, Jinx works well when paired with black eyeliner, shadow, and purple blush. For those who prefer the heavier scene, a color like this is a means to show their appreciation for the music, the message behind it, and to relate to the other people without having to spend tons of money on body modification.


This shade is anything but like its name as it is fairly soft. The brownish-gold shade offers hints of orange that will work well for a folk festival. Personally, I would wear this shade with my greatest fairy or renaissance costume. I would keep the rest of my look natural and let this shade have the spotlight that it deserves. What makes this shade so special to those who enjoy folk music or cosplaying is that it offers an escape from oneself for just a brief moment.


This velvetine is electrifyingly purple. Anyone who loves electronic music and the energy offered by its festivals will enjoy pairing this color with glitter shadows, face paint, and rainbow hair. Too often, those who love the electronic music scene are unable to be who they want to be outside of these festivals, so this shade allows them to be who they want to be each day safely, which is the entire point of Lime Crime as a company.

Bob Reina is Changing Lives with Leadership

When Talk Fusion was founded in 2007, it was always about helping people. They look to help people build futures and realize their dreams. The founder and CEO, Bob Reina, is committed to this.

Bob is known as believing that with success comes responsibility. This belief is part of their company DNA. They are always looking to do more and Bob has plenty of examples to model yourself after.

Bob Reina has already had a sizable impact on the world. He has donated $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which breaks records. He is also involved in saving the lives of animals and supporting an orphanage in Indonesia. His vision for change and action flows through to his independent associates in over 140 countries worldwide.

And he recently took his giving one step further. He now allows all associates to donate one free Talk Fusion account to a charity of their choosing. The account has access to the custom monthly plan, which is the best plan. It includes branding and access to the core products like video email, live meetings, video email, signup forms, and video chat. He had a simple but powerful goal with this: he wanted to bring a voice to nonprofits and charities across the globe so they could spread their message. This wasn’t doable before, but now it is.

Bob Reina has been helping people find ways to reach their dreams and goals for years with his innovative technology and video marketing tools. That’s what the business is about. The success stories he has permitted to happen are tremendous. He is more interested in how Talk Fusion has changed the lives of his associates than the money.

The opportunities Bob allows other people ranges from rebuilding, money for medical expenses, or the option to give money to friends and family. Bob clearly has a vision.

He has made numerous personal donations and done fundraisers such as helping victims from the Nepal earthquakes or the Japanese tsunamis. He has volunteered his resources and time for less fortunate people. To learn more about Bob Reina’s amazing courage, see

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Using The Lime Crime Brand Of Makeup

Lime Crime has been one of the most popular makeup brands for many years now. Lots of people are making use of Lime Crime because of the fact that delivers amazing results and allows you to feel great about the way that you look. It is important to know that this brand, in particular, uses vegan ingredients that are healthy for your skin and free of animal by-products. This is why so many people are gravitating towards this amazing brand and using it for themselves, especially on major sites like Naimies.

If you feel that Lime Crime is a good brand for you, there are many different makeup products that you can choose from this brand. There are many different colors and amazing products that can deliver the results that you are looking for when applying all of your makeup. So many people are going with this brand because of how amazing it happens to be and because of the fact that it can truly change the way that you look and feel on the outside so that you feel more confident on the inside.

If you feel that Lime Crime is right for you, it is important that you visit their website to see what types of products they have available for you. Once you know which products are available you can purchase on Doll’s Kill, or what you need and want so that this is something beneficial for your own well-being. This is a brand that people stand behind because they are truly passionate about the different products that are available through this line. If you are looking for a great brand that is cruelty free and completely vegan ingredients, this is definitely an option for you and can totally change the way you look at cosmetics now that you know about this brand.

The prices for Lime Crime makeup are also quite reasonable and fit into many people’s budgets simply because it does not have to be too expensive to buy your makeup. This is a great brand for you to make you so for yourself and can totally change the way you look simply because of the different colors that you are able to make use of.

Andrew Heiberger Buys Out Partner for 100 Percent Control of Town Residential

Town Residential is one of the leading real estate management companies in New York which offers luxury housing services, including sales, rentals, marketing and property development. Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt founded the company seven years ago and recently dissolved their partnership, according to sources. Heiberger is the sole owner and leads a team of expert real estate agents in one of the most populated cities in the country and world. He also has ownership of affiliates the two partners co-founded together, Town Marketing & Leasing and Town New Development. During the partnership, the company grew remarkably serving NYC neighborhoods by opening offices in those locations.

Town’s real estate agents relieve renters and buyers of frustration associated with locating the perfect house or condominium in desired school districts and nearby shopping areas. Their expertise is valuable when buying, leasing and selling properties in more than 17 New York City neighborhoods. Each client receives personalized services and is provided with guides for selling, buying, financing, or renting. Prospective renters can personalize their search online, including the property type, amenities and features.

Town’s Manhattan Rental Market report the end of May 2016 listed the market wide median value for a studio at $2,648 and a one-bedroom media value at $3,726. The market wide median value for a four-bedroom is over $16,000 Manhattan. Real estate properties for rent are hard to find in Manhattan neighborhoods and prices vary based on neighborhoods, which makes it essential to use the service of a reputable real estate firm.

If you’re looking for rental or luxury new development properties in any of the Manhattan and Brooklyn neighbors, visit Town Residential online to see a list of available condominiums, townhouses, apartments and houses. Andrew Heiberger is now the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Town Residential, and has controlling interest of one of the top real estate firms in NYC.


White Shark Media- Your Easy Way to Reach Business Goals

White Shark Media is a leading light when it comes to the digital marketing world. It is a digital marketing agency that offers online marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses. White Shark Media was founded in 2011 by three brilliant entrepreneurs.

Armed with their entrepreneurship skills and experience in both offline and digital marketing, they were set to overcome challenges that impacted the SMB market and focus on its growth in United States and Latin America.

Their winning principle was to offer an exceptional product and service that no other entrepreneur could promise. They combined an offshore and domestic presence with the help of capable and talented workers who would reach receptive audience of any nature through outstanding communication skills.

According to their Twitter profile, White Shark Media Review team is known for providing affordable search marketing products and services, a testimony many clients can attest to due to the world-class customer experience at disposal.

As the best digital marketing agency, White Shark Media has helped thousands of companies across America develop and grow by utilizing its online marketing strategies and proprietary marketing platforms.

The other key facet that has helped this agency shine in the competitive market is keeping an open eye on all customers’ marketing efforts. Through Google Analytics integration, keyword-level call tracking, proprietary reporting software and competitive intelligence, White Shark Media has satisfied its clientele base on monthly basis. Read more: Accredited Professional company profile: White Shark Media and White Shark Media – Google+

Consistency and willingness to serve customers has seen White Shark Media become one of the leading 29 Google AdWords Premier SMB providers in the United States. Its presence in the digital marketing world could not go unnoticed as Google (A multinational company that specializes in Internet related services and products) came calling in 2012.

Google identified its growth and selected a team of experts to power its growth in the digital market and satisfy the growing customer base.

This undertaking was successful as White Shark Media was bestowed the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership in July 2014, a privilege experienced by only a few digital marketing agencies. Microsoft also recognized White Shark Media online presence and its diverse customer base and the selective Bing Ads Authorized Reseller Program came to existence.

Clients eager to grow their small businesses should worry not. White Shark Media Review team is dedicated and enthusiastic to help them grow their small businesses. Customers can enjoy affordable and reliable marketing services from experienced and talented experts in digital marketing.

An Evaluation of Labaton Sucharow SEC Whistleblower Attorney Program

The passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has gone a long way in reining in on shady players within the financial services industry. This legislation mainly focuses on providing various levels of protection to individuals who report possible financial desecrations to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The legislation similarly paved way to the institution of whistleblower protection programs, which shield informants from any form of retaliation.

Labaton Sucharow was applauded for being the first legal practice to set up a whistleblower protection program. This division solely focuses on ensuring that the well-being of whistleblowers is guaranteed. The firm’s whistleblower program has largely been built on the success that its litigation programs have had. Labaton Sucharow ensured that the program is well staffed. It boasts the service of financial experts, forensic accountants and private investigators. The expertise of these professionals goes a long way in helping the firm to unravel the truth behind the disclosures that are made by its clients.

Whistleblowers’ Safety

This is the core objective of every Labaton Sucharow SEC whistleblower lawyer. The firm ensures that clients who report violations to the SEC through it, are offered air-tight protection against any form of retaliation from those who are named in the reports. Insiders are often willing to come forward and report violations. However, many fear being subjected to retaliatory actions. To guarantee the safety of informants, Labaton Sucharow has put in place measures that enable them to secretly report violations without having their identities disclosed.

Whenever a disclosure is made, the SEC often makes a follow-up to determine whether violations were committed or not. Since the Dodd Frank Consumer Protection Act was enacted, more informants have made reports to the SEC because their safety is guaranteed. This has paved way for a major cleanup of the financial services industry. The program has been hugely successful. Informants no longer have to worry about their personal safety and that of their families when they report irregularities.

Financial Incentives

The SEC offers financial rewards to whistleblowers whose disclosure leads to a productive enforcement action. According to the act, whistleblowers qualify for a reward of ten to twenty percent of all monies that are recovered as a result of an enforcement action. Labaton Sucharow’s team of qualified legal experts often vouch for maximum rewards for clients. Recently, a client represented by a Labaton Sucharow SEC whistleblower attorney was awarded 17 million dollars. This represents one of the largest rewards to have ever been made by the SEC. It proves how dedicated the firm is to its clients.


The Outstanding Wessex Institute Of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is an institution that offers science and engineering research. It was founded in 1986 by Professor Carlos Blebbia, the originator of Boundary Elementary Method. Its main aim is to offer a platform for transfer of information between professional users within the industry and academics. The institute offers development programs, publications and organizes annual meetings. The meetings cover fields such as engineering, physical science, finance and ecology among others. Annual meeting programs involve conferences, short courses and seminars. Wessex Institute of Technology’s international conferences are held in distinct venues around the world. The meetings serve the international scientific community and are a platform for paper presentations.

WIT offers graduate programs in collaboration with other academic institutions in both Masters and Doctoral levels. It boasts of a substantial number of Ph.Ds that have been awarded. It provides a link between research and industrial needs. WIT offers specialist research in fluid mechanics, industrial research, environmental modeling, damage mechanics and information communication technology. There are software services where researchers continue to develop and maintain the Boundary Element Analysis System that provides services to mechanical, aerospace, automotive, offshore and naval. The system also offers specialized applications in electromagnetic, fracture mechanics and biomedicine.

Wikipedia mentions that Wessex Institute of Technology has a publishing arm that produces books, monographs and edited works, and publishes papers. The institute is supported by research and industrial organizations, Wessex Institute Foundation and projects and contracts from industries. Over the years, it has had researchers who now work in the best Universities as Full Professors. It welcomes scholars, visiting professors and senior academics who later collaborate with the Institute as Alumni to ensure the success of the institute’s activities. WIT also has an office based in Boston Massachusetts that enhances the links between the research community in Canada and the US and the Institute. The office helps in selling WIT publications and promoting the use of boundary elements in the industry.

WIT’s attractive location at New Forest National Park England makes it an ideal place for conferences, seminars and courses. It offers accommodation in the cottages and the main building. Lectures are held in the Chubut building and the Fairbairn Lecture Hall. There are primary and secondary schools as well as Universities nearby and in the neighboring cities. Visit their Linkedin page to learn more.

Wen by Chaz Gave Me Lovely Hair

My hair is quite oily, which gives it a flat quality that’s almost impossible to style. The whole situation has given me a lot of frustration over the years, but I’ve pretty much been resigned to having hair that’s less than lustrous. I’d pretty much given up on finding anything that would improve the feel of my hair, but then i heard about a Sephora endorsed hairstyle product line called WEN hair by Chaz and I decided to give it a try.
Wen by Chaz Dean is an all-natural product line of shampoo and conditioners (all-in-one) that have brought great results for some women. Chaz developed the products in response to the many requests he had from his salon clients for really good hair care products that were natural.

I got from Amazon the Sweet Almond Mint shampoo and it smells fantastic. I tried it for a week (see for my review of it) and within days my hair improved. I started getting compliments, too. I kept washing my hair every day, with a palmful of the product, and by the end of the week my hair was silky, light and smooth. Amazing!!

I love these results so much I’m going continue using Wen hair by Chaz. I love my hair, for the first time ever!

Wen hair FAQ page: